Monday, March 2, 2015

Show Management

Ask managers what they value in employees and you’ll hear "dependable," "self-motivated," "rises to the occasion," or "has a positive attitude." These all represent "commitment." Are you demonstrating behaviours that prove the commitment you feel? See if the following behaviours can better show you’re an engaged and committed employee: 1) takes initiative (makes the first move to get something done), 2) keeps the boss informed on progress, 3) spots problems and solves them, and 4) shows passion and demonstrates eager-ness for the work. Change these behaviours: 1) does work but lacks energy and devotion to the results, 2) ignores problems in favour of leaving it to others to find the fix, 3) fails to com-municate or keep the boss informed, 4) rarely offers up new ideas, and 5) appears willing, but lacks gusto.

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