Friday, August 1, 2014

Appel de candidatures pour le Summit Awards

Le Summit Awards annuel, organisé par le Summit for Urban Animal Strategies /Urban Animal Program est maintenant ouvert aux candidatures. Les prix sont destinés à la reconnaissance de ceux qui, dans l’industrie des animaux de compagnie, se dépassent pour le bien-être des animaux et de leurs familles adoptives. PIJAC Canada recherche des candidats provenant du secteur de la vente au détail et des services.

Les critères tels que déterminés par le Summit sont les suivants :
Vente au détail et services – ceux qui offrent des produits et services aux propriétaires d’animaux de compagnie incluant les magasins de détail, boutiques en ligne, toiletteurs, éleveurs, entraîneurs, fabricants et les fournisseurs de services. Le prix reconnaît une organisation, dans les secteurs de la vente et des services, qui a développé une relation remarquable avec les familles adoptives et a amélioré la qualité de vie des animaux de compagnie et l’expérience animalière des gens dans sa communauté.

Les gagnants précédents se sont grandement engagés envers leurs communautés par des levées de fonds, en aidant les agences animalières locales, offrant une éducation publique relative aux soins animaliers, la sensibilisation aux responsabilités des propriétaires, l’adoption des animaux de compagnie, tous types de travail qui contribuent au bien-être des animaux, de leur familles adoptives et de leurs communautés.

C'est notre temps préféré de l’année, car il nous permet de récompenser les meilleurs et de mettre en lumière les produits et services que notre industrie a à offrir. Si vous pensez que vous, ou une autre personne près de vous, rencontrez ces critères, veuillez contacter Susan Dankert à :, pour de plus amples renseignements.

Tisol Pet Nutrition & Supply Stores celebrating 40 years

August 12th marks the 40th anniversary for Tisol Pet Nutrition and Supply Stores.  Since 1974 Tisol has been serving the Vancouver area, having grown from their first location in Burnaby to nine locations throughout the Lower Mainland.  

Started back in 1974, Henry Kozub was a founding partner and eventually took over the operation which is now run in tandem with his wife Brenda and son Russ.    Our mission is to help pet owners give back the love their pets show them.” says Brenda.  “As it states in our mission, we recognize that people and their pets are the cornerstones of Tisol, we are committed to building positive, lasting, internal and external relationships, one person and one pet at a time.”

They have continued this philosophy with their work in the communities they serve by helping to raise money, fund programs and supply pet families in need.  Their largest project has been the  Pet Food Bank with the collection of over 170,000 pounds since its conception 3 ½ years ago.  Food and supplies are donated by customers, manufacturers, distributors and through special in store promotions.  Everything collected is distributed to registered pet charities that are under the umbrella of the Kensington Foundation for Animals in Crisis.  During the year they have a donation box for Kensington that generates substantial funds, which are used for spay/neuter, medical and other needs. “We have also participated with fund raisers for elementary schools and last year were able to contribute $12,000.00 to a breakfast program for Burnaby South Secondary School, which is very close to our original Burnaby store.”

As with most independent retailers, Tisol has kept an eye on the competition, and stayed the course, remaining focused on their business model. “We have always listened to our customers and provided them with what they are looking for; knowledge, selection, fair pricing and happy staff.”  With 70 employees, the longest having been with them 32 years, the Kozub’s know the value of taking care of their staff, who they call advisors.  Self-professed, “Pet Geeks”, they provide monthly training and encourage them to take courses outside of work for which the company covers the cost.  

When asked how they will be celebrating on the 9th, Brenda replied, “we are having a company-wide celebration. This will include rescues, suppliers, prizes and of course cupcakes/treats for both the 2-legged and 4-legged attendees. Then on Sunday the staff get to relax and have fun on our annual harbour boat cruise.”

Congratulations to Kozub’s and the entire team on their 40th anniversary. 

Call for Summit Award Nominations

The annual Summit Awards, hosted by the Summit for Urban Animal
Strategies /Urban Animal Program is now accepting nominations. The awards are focused on recognizing those within the companion animal industry who go above and beyond to address the well-being of pets and pet families.  PIJAC Canada is looking for nominees from the Retail and Services sector.

The criteria as described by the Summit is as follows:
Retail & Services – those who provide products and services to pet owners and pets including physical stores, online stores, groomers, kennels, breeders, trainers, manufacturers and service providers.  The award recognizes an organization in the retail & services sector that has achieved a remarkable relationship with pet families and has improved the experience of pets and people in the community (ies) they serve.

Past winners have been deeply involved in their communities, raising funds, helping local animal agencies, providing public education for animal care and responsible pet ownership, placement of pets, any type of work that supports the well-being of pets, pet families and their communities.

This is one of our favorite times of year as it allows us to highlight the best and brightest our industry has to offer.  If you feel you or someone you know may fit the criteria, please contact Susan Dankert at for more information.