Monday, May 29, 2017

Helping Pets in Need with the Calgary Food Bank

This coming Sunday we will be hosting our Full House Gala and Fundraiser at our Western Canadian Pet Industry Trade show in Calgary. A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales and all profits from a silent auction will be directed to the Calgary Food Bank to assist with the purchase of pet supplies for their clients with pets.  

We have worked with the Calgary Food Bank for a number of years and not many people are aware of how much they help pet families.  We extend our appreciation to them for making animal welfare their business too.  
Click here to read about how they collect and distribute supplies for pets.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Finalists Announced in Animal Welfare is Everyone's Business Retail Award

It is great pleasure that we announce the two finalists in the first-ever Animal Welfare is Everyone’s Business Retail Award.
Global Pet Foods Homes Alive Pets
Winnipeg, MB Edmonton, AB
Chris & Deb Delorme Evan & Leon Ropp
Nominated by:  Marcam Pet Nutrition Nominated by:  Burgham Sales

The winner will be revealed at the Western Canadian Pet Industry Trade Show at the Full House Gala and Fundraiser on Sunday June 4th in Calgary, Alberta.

We extend our gratitude and our congratulations to all our nominees for leading the way in improving animal well-being, the promotion of pet care education, responsible pet ownership and  overall community involvement.  It is because of the initiatives of people like these that Canadian families learn proper pet care and can enjoy life long positive pet experiences.

Un salon incroyable pour l'équipe Canadienne à Zoomark 2017

Cette année, le Canada a fièrement accueilli 10 de ses entreprises globales de pointe à son pavillon à deux îlots au Zoomark 2017. « L’intégrité des produits canadiens reflète celle de ses fabricants. Faire confiance non seulement à un produit mais également à la compagnie fabricante est une partie essentielle des relations d’affaires prospères », affirme Roselyne Leveque, organisatrice du pavillon PIJAC Canada. Elle continue : « L’équipe du Canada anime un pavillon depuis près de 20 ans où elle présente ses meilleures entreprises aux marchés globaux, solidifiant ainsi sa réputation de qualité. Pour cette raison, le pavillon rouge et blanc est devenu un arrêt à ne pas manquer. »

Les participants de l’équipe du Canada ont rencontré des représentants de plus de 30 pays différents, leur permettant de conclure des ententes et d’élargir la portée de leurs produits sur le marché global. Pour plusieurs participants, le programme de financement offert par Agrimarketing & Agriculture Canada est ce qui permet leur participation à l’évènement. Quant au gouvernement, le succès de ces entreprises joue un rôle important sur le marché extérieur du pays.

Félicitations à tous les participants de cette année à l’équipe du Canada au Zoomark. C’était merveilleux d’être témoin de votre initiative et travail soutenu porter fruit.

Buddy Belts
Canada Litter Inc.

CanAm Pet Treats - Darford
FirstMate Pet Foods
Hagen Inc.

Hurraw - The Joy of Raw.  For All

Le Groupe Intersand

Oven-Baked Tradition

Petcurean Pet Nutrition

True Leaf Pet

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Great show for Team Canada at Zoomark 2017

This year Canada’s double island Pavilion at Zoomark 2017 proudly hosted 10 high end, global ready Canadian companies. “The integrity of Canadian products is matched by the people who stand behind them. Trusting not only the products but the company you do business with is an integral part of a success relationship.” says Roselyne Leveque, PIJAC Canada Pavilion organizer. She continues to explain, “For close to two decades Team Canada has hosted a pavilion offering the best our country has to offer to the global markets, solidifying our reputation for quality. Because of this, the red and white pavilion has become a must-visit landmark.”

Team Canada participants reported in they met with over 30 different countries, making deals and expanding the reach of their products globally.  For many the trade funding program through Agrimarketing & Agriculture Canada is what makes their participation in these events feasible. For the government, the success of these companies plays an important role in Canada’s overall export market.

Congratulations to all the Zoomark Team Canada participants this year.  It was wonderful to see your initiative and hard work truly paying off.  

Buddy Belts
Canada Litter Inc.

CanAm Pet Treats - Darford
FirstMate Pet Foods
Hagen Inc.

Hurraw - The Joy of Raw.  For All

Le Groupe Intersand

Oven-Baked Tradition

Petcurean Pet Nutrition

True Leaf Pet

Monday, May 8, 2017

Award Nominees Revealed and Voting Begins!

Award Nominees Revealed & Voting Begins!

We are delighted to announce the 2017 nominees for the Animal Welfare is Everyone’s Business Retail Award to be presented at the Western Canadian Pet Industry Trade Show.   It was wonderful to see the submissions come in over the last few weeks, knowing there would be so much to brag about leading up to the show. Retailers in B.C., Alberta and Manitoba were nominated by manufacturers and distributors. They were selected for their efforts in the pursuit of improving animal well-being through the promotion of pet care education, responsible pet ownership and  overall community involvement.   Successful nominees were assessed using a points system based on the award criteria.

Online Voting begins Tuesday and will run from May 9th to May 23rd.  Voting is open to PIJAC Canada members*, pre-registered visitors and exhibitors of the Western Canadian Pet Industry Trade Show.  “One of the great things about this venture is that the candidates will be voted on by their contemporaries.  People who understand exactly how hard they work to serve the community.“, says Louis McCann, President of PIJAC Canada.

We are extremely proud to introduce the top 5 nominees for 2017:


Congratulations to all the nominees for outstanding service in their communities. The nomination process for awards given at the ExpoZoo and National Pet Industry Trade shows will begin in the summer.

The Western winner will be announced at the Full House Gala & Fundraiser during the Western show the evening of Sunday, June 4th in Calgary, Alberta.

*Voting is available in English for this award.

Bosley's Pet Foods Plus (Columbia Square) - 2017 AWIEB Retail Award Nominee

2017 NOMINEE (Western)

Bosley's Pet Food Plus (Columbia Square)
Facebook Page
New Westminster, BC
Karima Jivraj
Nominated by:  Lucid Distributors

Promoting responsible pet ownership in the store and community:
- Creates a culture of openness encouraging new pet parents to ask all the questions they want and encourages staff to spend time to educate new pet parents,
- Does pet care talks at local schools and encourages responsible pet ownership, has a dedicated trainer at the store for dog training,

- Provides referrals to pet care professionals in the area, encourages education

Supporting pets in the community:
- She supports these same shelters by helping them raise funds as well as providing them with free product (eg. litter for the cat shelter)

- She has animals from shelters up for adoption in her store all the time

- Works with local animal shelter and animal services officers to promote responsible pet ownership, 

- Has a pet food bank year round, works with 5 rescues/shelters to foster and adopt out dogs, cats, small animals and birds, participates in all community outreach for low income/homeless pet parents, 

- Works with local Mayor and council on pet related issues and by-laws, raises funds for the main local shelter in the area

Other general community support activities:
- Has numerous fundraisers throughout the year with the proceeds all going back to the rescues.

- Is the President/Executive Board Member of the Downtown New Westminster Business Improvement Association, Board Member PIJAC Canada, Board Member New Westminster Chamber of Commerce.  

- Has one staff member from Community Living Society Work Program who is learning challenged and autistic.  Have one student from New Westminster Secondary School who is learning challenged and autistic for work experience. 

- Mentor administration students from Sprott Shaw Community College by offering work experience at the store. 

- Supports the local homeless shelter residents who have pets through the New Westminster Animal Shelter.  

- Support local schools with any of their pet care needs (classroom pets)

Other observations about the nominee. 

The area where her store is located is a tougher neighbourhood (low income, crime, etc.) and she does an astounding job supporting the community!

Global Pet Foods Winnipeg - 2017 AWIEB Retail Award Nominee

2017 NOMINEE (Western)
Facebook Page

Global Pet Foods (Winnipeg)
Winnipeg, MB
Chris & Deb Delorme
Nominated by:  Marcam Pet Nutrition

Promoting responsible pet ownership in the store and community.
- Educate customers on pet safety and pet health and help them to choose products that are ideal for their family needs.

- Attend numerous community events to help pet owners become familiar with products that promote responsible pet ownership, ranging from biodegradable poop bags to dental products to ensure good dental health, to proper pet licensing and leash/harness safety, etc.

- Provide pet training and grooming recommendations in the area, etc. They also trim pet nails in their store regularly (for dogs, cats and small animals) with the proceeds of the trims going to help rescue groups. 

- Take the time to listen to their customers and get to know the families and pets so that they can support them as needed. They encourage pets to come into the store in order to socialize and have fun with people and other animals and just get out of the house, especially when the weather is cold and doesn’t allow for much outdoor activity.

- Have many rescue and breeder contacts that can provide pets when responsible families are searching for a furry friend to become a family member.

Supporting pets in the community.
- Donates food and supplies regularly to pet related events and to rescue groups. 
Host adoption events to help foster families gain exposure for their foster animals in need of homes/families. 

- Offers contact information for services such as vets, grooming, pet sitting, doggie daycares, training and behavioral support. 

- Uses social media to allow potential customers to request products and advice on making healthy choices for the animals.

Other general community support activities.
- Attend dog parks to get to know people in the area, to help promote pet health awareness, and to help create fun and stimulating activities for pets. 

- Sponsor the annual ‘Bark for Life’ event to help people involve their animals in raising funds for cancer research (this involves a morning of walking, playing and competing in contests at a local dog park in support of Cancer Care Manitoba). 

- A main sponsor of the Manitoba Pet Expo that provides an inside display of pet related products and services for people to visit, learn from and bring their pets out to enjoy the activities. They offer numerous product samples at these events and in-store in order for families to try products for free prior to investing in them.

Other observations about the nominee.
They are a pet-loving family owned store with employees that live in the community. They are all pet lovers and have the pet’s interest in mind when selecting products to promote. They have a staff member who is studying to be a vet as well as staff members that have worked in vet clinics, grooming salons and doggie daycares and are passionate about animals. All employees have pets that they are directly responsible for caring for and therefore can relate to customer’s needs and concerns and offer advice based on experience with their own animals. They learn from their customers and stock their store based on their own product choices as well as recommendations from customers, groomers, vets, behavioral specialists, and pet lovers in general.

The Pooch and Pony - 2017 AWIEB Retail Award Nominee

2017 NOMINEE (Western)


The Pooch & Pony
Stony Plain, Alberta
Summer and Dina Merrills
Nominated by:  Kane Pet Supplies

Promoting responsible pet ownership in the store and community.
- Works with Parkland Animal Shelter every year called Responsible Pet Ownership Day, providing nail trims and raising funds to bring awareness to responsible pet ownership.

- Owners of this store very much stress responsible pet ownership. They are incredibly passionate about recommending and selling the greatest products they can find, both for dogs, cats as well as horses. They have gone as far as to introduce wellness practices into their business- they offer massage therapy, photon light therapy, cold laser therapy, wellness consultation sessions, 

- Recently started offering pet transportation services, for those in the community who may require that. They continue to strive for excellence with every decision they make and every extra service they start to offer.

Supporting pets in the community.
- Very active within the community- they regularly donate to not only the Parkland Food Bank, but the Parkland Pet Food Bank as well. Their generosity knows no limitations- every time I speak with the owner, Summer, she is in the middle of preparing for some charitable event.

- Supports local animal rescues by offering grooming services. 
They also support the Parkland Animal Shelter, by providing grooming services, giving coupons to people adopting a new pet, 

- When the fire happened in Fort McMurray, these retailers did not skip a beat, offering products to people who really needed it, discounts on larger purchases, and raising money for victims of this tragedy.

Other general community support activities.
- Contributed and raised funds for the Remuda Horsemanship Program, Blueberry School, St Matthew Luthern School, Dance Soul, The Town of Stony Plain Family Fest, Heatherdown Hills Equestrian Centre, Warden Riding Club, Youth Empowerment Services, Purina Walk for Guide Dogs, Parkland School Division, Parkland Riding Club and many more!

Other observations about the nominee. 
This retailers ongoing commitment to not only personal excellence, but community involvement, is inspiring. The owners and staff of this company have hearts as big as the list of people they have helped throughout the years.

They recently moved into a new location, and have been able to expand not only their business but their presence within the pet specialty community in town. Anyone who speaks with Summer for five minutes can tell just how passionate she is about proper animal welfare, and that passion carries over in everything she does. I am honoured to nominate her for this, as it would be very well deserved.

Homes Alive Pets - 2017 AWIEB Retail Award Nominee

2017 NOMINEE (Western)

Edmonton, Alberta
Leon & Evan Ropp

Nominated by: Burgham Sales

Promoting responsible pet ownership in the store and community.
- Take home information packages and unlimited after sale support of all products. 

- Support responsible pet ownership through education and customer service. In today's competitive environment, that really happens on all platforms, social media pet tips, blogs and articles on our website, and of course, in-store customer service.

- Works with the city of Edmonton on initiatives that we can support. For example, right now, there is an initiative called "I'm an outdoor cat" which offers free collars for cats that are owned so that the community can know the difference between an owned and feral cats

Supporting pets in the community.
- Have  a close relationships with a few rescue organizations (namely HART) that host adoption and informational events at the stores on Saturdays. We provide a space for them to set up a table and interact with our customers in-store.

- Promoted these organizations through creative initiatives. For example, on Black Friday, we ran a promotion called "Bright Friday" where we focused on giving back to the community and not the deep discounts. We gave a portion of our sales to local rescues as a way to say, "We are going to start this holiday season by giving back".

Fort McMurray Assistance
- Free Food to displaced pet families, discounts for people purchasing to assist Fort McMurray pet families, donated kennels and free Natural Balance to shelters and rescues

Sponsors an adoption room at the Lethbridge Humane Society which is a socialization room for families to interact with prospective dog or cat rescues

Other observations about the nominee
Their Mission Statement:
- To enrich the lives of pets. We enhance pet well-being through the promotion of responsible pet ownership, proper customer education, and natural, wholesome solutions to pet problems.

- To enrich the lives of our customers. We help identify and alleviate pet problems by fostering conversation and offering natural, wholesome solutions to nurture positive pet experiences in our customers.

- To enrich the lives of the people we work with. Whether they are co-workers, suppliers, or sales representatives, we affirm individual worth by being respectful, honest, humble, and empathetic with the people we encounter.
To enrich the lives in our community.

- We are each part of a broader community, locally and globally. As a business, we are committed to adding value to the lives around us: pet shelters & rescues, as well as humanitarian initiatives, on both a community and an international level.

Pets West -2017 AWIEB Retail Award Nominee

2017 NOMINEE (Western)

Pets West
Victoria, BC
Lisa Nitkin
Nominated by:  Avafina Pet Products

Promoting responsible pet ownership in the store and community.
- Education and local events for awareness

- Many of their staff have been a part of Pets West for 10, 15 and even over 20 years. They do extensive staff training and it shows when you see them talking to customers. They are an all around great store.

Supporting pets in the community.
- Have cats or kittens for adoption that have come from the Victoria Humane Society, Catnap cat adoption, Dee's Orphan Fund, Cat's Cradle, the CRD Pound. 

- Provide adoption services for other pets including rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, birds, chinchillas, hedgehogs, and anyone else that we can accommodate to help find a home.

Some of the charities they have worked with in the last 2 years:

Victoria Pet Food Bank
VIDFA (Vancouver Island Dog Fanciers Association)
CNIB auction
Parrot Refuge
Dog Bless
Cruisin’ for Change (SPCA)
Angels Under Our Wings
How to find a Puppy
Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary
Raincoast Animal Shelter
Dee’s Orphan Kitten Fund
NOSA – North Saanich Dog Obedience Training Club)
Victoria Humane Society
Vets For Pets
Cats Cradle
MS Society of Canada
BC and Alberta Guide Dog Service
Basset Hound Group

Other general community support activities.
Claremont band Roger’s elementary
Claremont School Saanich Baptist Mission
Cops For Cancer Saanich Police blockwatch
Fort McMurray fundraiser Stelly’s after-grad
Greyhaven Stellys School
MS Society of Canada Victoria Hospice
Pacific Explorers/Scout’s Canada Victoria Hospice