Monday, March 9, 2015

News Hounds - Media coverage feeling a little one sided?

We have been publishing The Voice for almost 3 years.  Our goal has been to offer industry news from Canada and abroad.  Along the way we have been learning how to choose stories that are pertinent, balanced and interesting to our readers.  We’ve done a pretty good job, and recently we realized how we could do even better by taking it one step further.

We are always interested in hearing about what is going on with your company and encourage you to take advantage of our press release service.  For our part, from now on, when we come across a business story that involves a member and we have not heard from you directly, we will follow up to make sure any statement you wish to publish can be posted through our channels.*  
As a trade association, we do not take sides or endorse any product, service or statement offered by our members.  That is not our role. We provide, assistance, resources, and tools to help guide businesses who work in the name of healthy pets and pet families.  The reason we are offering this is because members need to have a voice, a place where they can make sure their story is heard.  

Pass this post to your marketing and PR people and make sure we are added to your media list.  We are very proud to be one of Canada’s only industry trade publications and we are happy to be able to use our network to help tell the stories of your industry.

Susan Dankert
Communications Coordinator
(800) 667-7452 x 115

P.S.  Don’t forget we offer a job posting service as well!

*Statements must be truthful, factual, and timely.

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