Monday, June 27, 2016

Le gouvernement du Canada publie des données sur la vente de nourriture pour animaux

Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada diffuse leur dernier rapport relatif au marché de nourriture d'animaux au Canada, comme le montre les recherches faites par Euromonitor International.  L'information inclue la nourriture de chien et chat (mouillée et séche), les gâteries et la nourriture d'oiseaux.  Cliquez sur l'image ci dessous pour accèder au rapport.

Government of Canada Releases Pet Food Sales Statistics

Agriculture and Agrifood Canada have posted their latest market intelligence reports on pet food in Canada as researched by Euromonitor International. Information includes dog and cat food (wet and dry), treats and bird food. Click the image below to access the report.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Blue Buffalo Promotes Veterinary Care in National Awareness Campaign

Blue Buffalo Promotes Veterinary Care in National Awareness Campaign

WILTON, Conn., June 16, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blue Buffalo Company (Nasdaq:BUFF) is launching a national consumer education campaign to reinforce the importance of regular veterinary care for pet health, well-being and enrichment of the human/animal bond.

“Our Blue Buffalo veterinary sales team has joined forces with the company’s consumer marketing group to promote annual veterinary checkups and the important role of veterinarians in responsible pet care,” said Victoria Carmella, DVM, Director of Veterinary Services at Blue Buffalo.

The 12-month marketing program – with the theme “Pet Care Starts with Vet Care” – kicks off in June 2016. The campaign is designed to help raise awareness of the benefits of regular veterinary care and annual check-ups, while encouraging pet owners to talk with veterinarians about ways to achieve a long, healthy life for their dogs and cats. 

“Veterinary care was so important to the Bishop family in raising our boy Blue, and we saw first-hand the life-saving value of regular visits to our family veterinarian,” said Bill Bishop, Founder and Chairman of Blue Buffalo. “I am proud of our ongoing support of pet cancer research and I’m pleased that our national marketing efforts can help educate veterinary clients about the importance of veterinary care for pet well-being.”

This effort will encourage prospective and current clients at small animal clinics to see their veterinarian for annual checkups and veterinary care appropriate at all life stages, from puppy/kitten to senior dog/cat.

Prominent veterinarians from across the country have expressed their support for the campaign.

“We know that the best chance for a pet’s long, healthy life starts with regular veterinary care,” said John Talmadge, DVM, clinic owner/partner at Bigger Road Veterinary Center in Dayton, Ohio. “It’s great to see Blue Buffalo, a company that reaches and influences so many pet parents, giving back to pets and the profession.” 

The campaign will deliver 525 million consumer impressions through national TV advertising on CBS, TNT, A&E and other networks; magazine ads in Women’s Day, Eating Well, Shape and other publications; social media and targeted email messages, more than 3,000 one-on-one consumer interactions each week at pet specialty retail stores across the U.S. and outreach to over 100,000 pet parents at 200 scheduled events in local communities around the country.   

About Blue Buffalo Company 
Blue Buffalo, based in Wilton, CT, is the nation's leading natural pet food company, and provides natural foods and treats for dogs and cats under its BLUE Life Protection Formula, BLUE Wilderness, BLUE Basics, BLUE Freedom and BLUE Natural Veterinary Diet lines. Paying tribute to its founding mission, the company is a leading sponsor of pet cancer awareness and critical studies of pet cancer, health, treatment and nutrition at top veterinary medical schools across the United States. For more information about Blue Buffalo, visit the Company’s website at

Phil Cheevers
VP, Communications


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

600 Parrots in need - Coombs, British Columbia

For immediate release

Coombs parrot refuge urgently needs public’s help

June 14, 2016 - British Columbia: Work has begun to rescue, adopt out and provide care for more than 600 parrots at the World Parrot Refuge in Coombs in the wake of the death of refuge founder Wendy Huntbatch, but those stepping up to address the critical problem urgently need the public’s support.

The refuge was founded by Huntbatch as a place to shelter pet parrots and former breeding stock that had been abandoned or given up by their owners. Huntbatch noted frequently over the years that she was strongly opposed to the importation of parrots into Canada, but felt a responsibility for the long-living birds that so frequently outlive their owners’ interest in them.

The society that was under the leadership of Huntbatch has struggled to manage the Coombs refuge
since her death in February. As a result, many of the birds living there have seen a decline in their health and quality of life, despite the best efforts of a dedicated and caring staff. Funding has dried up and a small amount of backup savings has now been used up.

The worst of the problems have been addressed now that Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary, a Vancouver-based parrot rescue group, stepped up to help. But the need continues for food, cages and other badly needed equipment – a system to purify contaminated well water, for instance

Steps have been taken to bring a major rat infestation under control, and work is underway to repair infrastructure and correct deficiencies identified in a recent BC SPCA report. The next step will be to attempt to reunite birds with past human families, and then to place others with suitable adoptive families. A few that are members of highly endangered species of parrots will hopefully be placed in a captive management program that will preserve genetic diversity.

“We’re doing what we can to address the most pressing problems, but many of the larger birds at the refuge have anxiety and self-mutilation issues that will make it hard to find homes for them,” says John Creviston, the interim manager now working with the Greyhaven board of directors to find a solution. 

“Many of these highly intelligent animals could face euthanasia if the right supports can’t be found.”
How can you help? We need parrot and smaller bird cages, food such as parrot pellets, seed and nuts, and fruit and vegetables. We also need help with water purification, and we need welding gauntlets, work gloves, nets, and most importantly, cash to aide in the immediate crisis. Greyhaven has been exhausting its own reserves in order to cover immediate costs such as staffing but cannot do this much longer. These hard-earned funds were partly assembled in an effort to secure a facility in the lower mainland to house the birds already in their care but might also house some of these birds as well as others in future. We also need former owners that would like to reunite with their birds to come forward. This situation is urgent! To donate see our Facebook page: WPR Community Support Central or contact the interim manager.

For more information:
John Creviston, refuge interim manager
Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary

Room for One More
 Do you have room in your home and heart for one more – just one more? One more parrot, that is. You may be aware that the World Parrot Refuge on Vancouver Island has been in disarray since Wendy Huntbatch passed away this winter, and things are rough for the 400-odd birds living there. There are big parrots, small parrots, healthy parrots, some with medical issues, young parrots, old parrots, perfect parrots, and some not-so- perfect. Some are very social, while others do not enjoy the company of humans, and may never do so. But all of them need, and deserve, our love and care.
This is where you come in, and you, and you, etc. If each of us could make room for just one more we’d solve the problem. Interested? If so, please contact Greyhaven. We will do an assessment of each applicant and will ensure that the bird you choose has been cleared by an avian veterinarian.

Just one more. You have the power to change a life.