Monday, October 26, 2015

PIJAC Canada and Members embark on Mission to China

PIJAC Canada and a delegation of six Member companies will be leaving for a trade mission to Shanghai, China next week. In collaboration with the Trade Commissioner for the Canadian Embassy in Shanghai we have developed a targeted itinerary which will allow the delegates to explore opportunities in the Chinese pet market for Canadian made products.

The itinerary includes visits to:
Global Pet Forum Asia - Delegates will be attending this professional conference initiated and organized by PETS International. It offers networking opportunities as well as insight into selecting the right business partners, bridging cultural gaps, building brands and understanding local market characteristics.

CIPS – (Chinese International Pet Show) Companies will be able to investigate what products and trends are popular in the Chinese market and meet with other distributors attending the show.

Pet Store Tour - Visiting local pet stores will be an integral part of the mission to round out the experience helping delegates to see how retailers operate in this market.

We wish a prosperous journey to Canutrix Innovations Canada, Petcurean Pet Nutrition, Hots Dog All Dressed, Boreal Pet Food/Lincoln Biotech, Be One Breed and Bio Biscuit/Oven Baked as they journey across the globe to explore how they can expand their Canadian business abroad.

PIJAC Canada et ses membres entreprennent une mission en Chine

PIJAC Canada et une délégation de six compagnies membres se rendront en Chine pour une mission commerciale à Shanghai la semaine prochaine. En collaboration avec le délégué commercial de l'ambassade canadienne à Shanghai, nous avons développé un itinéraire spécifique qui permettra aux délégués d'explorer les opportunités dans le marché chinois des animaux de compagnie pour les produits fabriqués au Canada.

L'itinéraire inclut des visites à :
Global Pet Forum Asia - Les délégués assisteront à cette conférence professionnelle créée et organisée par PETS International. Elle offre des opportunités de réseautage, de même que de l'information aidant à choisir les bons partenaires commerciaux, à combler les écarts culturels, à bâtir des marques et à comprendre les caractéristiques du marché local.

CIPS – (Chinese International Pet Show) Les entreprises seront en mesure de découvrir quels sont les produits et tendances populaires dans le marché chinois et ils auront l'occasion de rencontrer les autres distributeurs qui assistent à ce salon professionnel.

Visite des magasins pour animaux de compagnie - La visite des magasins locaux pour animaux de compagnie sera une partie importante de la mission pour compléter l'expérience et permettre aux délégués de connaître les méthodes d'opération des détaillants dans ce marché. 

Nous souhaitons un voyage prospère à Canutrix Innovations Canada, Petcurean Pet Nutrition, Hot Dog All Dressed, Boréal Pet Food/Lincoln Biotech, Be One Breed et Bio Biscuit/Oven Baked alors qu'ils parcourent le monde pour découvrir de nouvelles façons de développer leurs activités commerciales canadiennes à l'étranger.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Petland Canada – Amy Pawson #AWIEB

Sharing stories about the great things businesses do to support pets and pet families 
in their communities. #AWIEB

Petland Canada – Amy Pawson

Amy has moved the organization forward with first thought to humane animal welfare for all the animals in their care. She continues to collaborate with many humane leaders to achieve, adapt and implement best practices, not just focused on animal care while in her store but also from the point of sourcing and transport. She spearheaded the change to where cats and dogs were sourced from. Rather than contributing to the already bursting pet population explosion she supports rescue groups and humane societies by offering their storefront for adoptions. With this change she has increased her partnerships with many distinguished groups. 

One of the most notable aspects of Amy is the conversations she is willing to have with even the most challenging people and topics. She listens with respect to polarizing options and tries to provide balance to the conversations. In some cases has even changed policy as a result of some of these conversations. Amy believes in the power of the animal human bond. The joy and the special bond that people develop with their pets are instrumental in infusing more compassion in the world. She feels that many of the small animals that are offered for adoption in their store allow families and children that first introduction to the power of animals. They will support the new pet owners with education on care and treatment in the home and also will take back any animals that they have adopted out if the family can no longer keep the pet. 

Amy recently launched a Petland Charities division with the goal “to support and help programs that save the lives of homeless pets, education people on creating and sustaining a healthy community for pets and people and bring awareness of education of companion animal – welfare issues.” Petland Canada has built more stores, Amy collaborated with animal welfare leaders and her placement partners to ensure that the kennels and the community cat rooms offers the animals the least amount of stress.

Monday, October 5, 2015

La Grande Ménagerie #AWIEB

Sharing stories about the great things businesses do to support pets and pet families 
in their communities. #AWIEB

La Grande Ménagerie, Sherbrooke QC
The goal of La Grande Ménagerie every day is to educate pet families, helping them to make good choices and solid commitments to the animals in their care. As such they have been directly involved in the education of the population for animal welfare for many years.

New Homes for Pets Through Collaboration: They refer clients directly to shelters in the surrounding area and have connected the community with pets through collaborative adoption efforts over the last 15 years. Kittens are always sterilized and vaccinated, to improve well-being, and also be sure they do not contribute unexpected litters.

La Grande Menagerie organizes weekend adoptions by lending their store to shelters, so they have space to engage the public and find homes for the shelter animals. For example, recently, they assisted the Refuge Caramel Foundation to help find families for a considerable number of cats brought to the shelter.
They regularly support the Eastern Townships SPA and other rescues by offering corporate gift certificates that they use to promote adoptions, by sending them gifts of food and toys and organizing fundraisers for them.

Public Education: La Grande Menagerie has some special exotic pets in their care which are their community ambassadors of education. These ambassadors include birds and turtles and reptiles which were surrendered by their families. They help to demonstrate the long term commitment involved as well as, special nutritional and habitat needs in caring for these species. They help illustrate to families what it takes to properly care for these animals and why they can make great companions. The staff team regularly offers tours, in which they explain more about the care and needs of animals to children, allowing them to get in touch with them in a respectful way.  They also engage children by making presentations in local schools or during event days.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bosley's By Pet Valu Columbia Square #AWIEB

Sharing stories about the great things businesses do to support pets and pet families 
in their communities. #AWIEB

Bosley's By Pet Valu (Columbia Square), New West Minister BC
Bosley’s Columbia Square not only opened their doors in March of 2011, but they also introduced their community to what an outstanding pet store should be.

Bosley’s New West Minister has adopted out over 150 cats, 20 dogs and about 20 other animals (rabbits and birds). They have raised $20,000 in cash for the BCSPCA, New Westminster Animal Shelter, and Little Paws Rescue. Another $20,000 in food and supplies have been donated to help:
• Best Friends for Life,
• New Westminster Animal Shelter,
• Little Paws Rescue,
• Action for Animals in Distress Society and,
• local community outreach events for low/no income families

Bosley’s New West Minister organizes community events and outreach to draw in the public and while they are having fun, staff make sure people are learning about responsible pet care and raise awareness of animals in need. Special services and events include:
• Yappy Hour & Yappy Halloween Pub Night
• New West Animal & Glenbrook Pet Hospital Community Outreach Events
• Pet First Aid classes
• Meet the Pet Care Experts
• School/children outreach programs
• pet sitting for families shopping in the mall

Awards received by Bosley’s New West Minister in just 4 short years:
o “The Best Pet Store” The Reader’s Choice Award for New Westminster – 2012,13,14,15
o PetValu/Bosley’s Community Service Award for Western Canada 2014
o Nominated for the Community Service for the Global Pet Expo Retailer Awards for 2013
o New Westminster Chamber of Commerce New Small Business of the Year Platinum Award 2012

o The Best of New West Award for New Westminster -2012, 2013, 2014