Friday, April 29, 2016




ONTARIO (April 2016) – in an effort to help promote responsible pet ownership, PJ’s Pets & petculture will be hosting  Low Cost Rabies Vaccination and Microchip Clinics at 10 locations across Ontario. The annual clinics are sponsored by, Dr. Jeff Rabinovitch, DVM.
Rabies Vaccinations and/or Microchips are $25 EACH per animal (including HST). Rabies Vaccinations and Microchips can be purchased individually - you do not have to get both. This clinic is on a cash only basis and will be administered first come, first serve. Dogs must be on a leash or in a carrier. Cats must be in a carrier.
Why should I vaccinate my dog or cat against rabies?

·         Rabies is a deadly disease in both humans and animals.
·         Fortunately, through active vaccination and eradication programs, the risk of coming into contact with the virus is very low; however there is always the risk of exposure.
·         Raccoons, foxes, bats, and skunks are the most common carriers.
·         Up to date vaccinations will protect pets from acquiring rabies if they are bitten by a rabid wild animal.
·         In Ontario, law requires vaccination of all cats and dogs which are 3 months of age or older.

APRIL 30, 10AM – 1PM
462 Bayfield St.
APRIL 30, 2PM – 5PM
3737 Major Mackenzie Dr.
MAY 1, 12PM – 4PM
Pickering Town Centre
MAY 7, 12PM – 4PM
Bramalea City Centre
MAY 14, 12PM – 4PM
950 Landsdowne St. W.
MAY 15, 10AM – 1PM
1290 Steeles Ave. E.
MAY 28, 12PM – 4PM
1000 Islands Mall

MAY 8, 10AM – 1PM
582 King St. N.
MAY 8, 2PM – 5PM
1400 Ottawa St. S.
MAY 15, 2PM – 5PM
2020 Appleby Ln.

Please help spread the word and share this with a friend.
If you wish to help promote this event, materials can be requested by contacting:

Amy Young, Marketing Manager | PJ’s Pets | petculture  or 905-593-3177 Ext. 243

About PJ’s Pets and petculture

Our unique stores and the dedicated Pet Care Specialists that support them are what make us truly remarkable and distinct in our industry. Whether you’re looking for a convenient place to shop, a wide range of products and services at a quality you can trust, a warm and inviting atmosphere or friendly and knowledgeable staff, PJ’s Pets or petculture is your one-stop shop for all things pet. Our skilled and compassionate pet care specialists will make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for and help you provide the best possible care for your pet. PJ’s Pets and petculture are part of Canada’s leading pet store group that includes Pets Unlimited and Oliver Pets & Co. 

Job and Press Release Postings are FREE for PIJAC Canada Members. Postings are shared on the association blog,  weekly in the Voice and blasted out through our social media channels.  Contact to find out more.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Public Health Launches "Healthy Animals, Healthy People" Campaign through Pet Stores

Thanks to a new collaboration with the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), CanHerp, PIJAC Canada, CVMA and other health agencies across Canada a new poster/postcard series, "Healthy Animals, Healthy People" has been developed as an education tool for pet stores to help their clients

This series aims to promote illness prevention when handling pets and their food, specifically addressing Salmonella.  PHAC encourages businesses to make use the the material to help educate their clients about safe handling practices.

Using this campaign is a great way to connect with your community by educating them about how terrific these pets are and how to handle them safely.  The fun designs look great as social media posts and hung up in store. Be sure to share them as far and wide as you like.  Send them along to:

  • Customers
  • Hobby Groups
  • Breeders
  • School Programs
  • Municipalities
  • Shelters and Rescues

Kudos to PHAC for spearheading this project and the partners for helping to make it happen.  Let's work together to ensure positive pet experiences for everyone. 

Rodents postcard:
Reptiles & Amphibians post card:

Parlons Franchement – L’équipe PIJAC Canada fait un partenariat avec Aon Risk Solutions

En tant que membre de PIJAC Canada, vous avez maintenant accès à un nouveau fournisseur d'assurances par le biais de votre plan d'avantages sociaux. Nous avons fait équipe avec Aon Risk Solutions, le plus grand courtier d'assurances au Canada, pour vous offrir un plan d'assurance personnelle et d'affaires complet à des prix compétitifs qui peuvent aider votre résultat net.

Jetez-y un coup d'œil et comparez l'offre d'Aon pour les membres de PIJAC Canada

Voici un court bonjour d'Aon!
Aon est fière de travailler avec PIJAC Canada pour vous offrir la couverture dont vous avez besoin. Localement, nous possédons 23 succursales à travers le Canada pour vous servir directement et qui comptent 72 000 collègues dans 120 pays, nous combinons une portée mondiale et un service local pour vous aider à protéger ce qui compte vraiment.
Avoir une carrière dans l’industrie des animaux de compagnie est une expérience valorisante et excitante. En tant que votre association notre but est de vous offrir les ressources pour encourager vos efforts, nous sommes donc fiers de vous offrir accès à un programme d’assurances à taux spéciaux. 

Covering Your Tail - PIJAC Canada teams up with Aon Risk Solutions

PIJAC Canada Members now have access to a new insurance provider through their benefits plan.  We have teamed up with Aon Risk Solutions, Canada’ largest insurance broker, to bring our members comprehensive Business, Home and Auto insurance at competitive rates that can help your bottom line.

Have a look and compare what Aon can offer PIJAC Canada members.

Here’s a quick hello from Aon!
Aon is proud to work with PIJAC Canada to offer you the coverage you need.  Locally, we have 23 branches across Canada to serve you directly and with more than 72,000 colleagues in 120 countries, we combine global reach and local service to help you protect what matters.

Choosing a career in the pet industry is one of the most exciting and rewarding sectors to work in. As your trade association it is our goal to offer you tools to help support your efforts, which is why are excited to offer our members access to an insurance plan with special rates.  

Pet Vu Inc. Launches Innovation in Pet Tracking Technology - Press Release

GPS and mobile monitoring capability combine to help families maintain awareness of their pets' whereabouts, publishes


(Oakville, Ontario)-- According to a report released last year by the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, shelters nationwide took in a total of 85,000 cats and 38,000 dogs during 2014, the latest time frame for which data has been made available. Of those, only 4.5 percent of cats and 28 percent of dogs were reunited with their families by year's end. In response to this issue, spokesperson Omar Malik of Pet Vu Inc. has announced the launch of a new device designed to help offset these statistics.

Said Malik, "We have launched an innovative new GPS pet tracker in Canada geared toward dog owners. This device offers a number of advantages over the traditional microchips and bluetooth 4.0 options currently in use. Perhaps the most important of these will be the activity monitoring feature to be released in the near future and a far broader tracking range as compared to the alternative, giving families a proactive rather than reactive solution in the event their pets are lost."

As noted on the company website,, the newly developed GPS pet tracking device is offered in conjunction with a mobile app downloadable via The App Store or Google Play. Once the device has been attached to a user's dog and a profile set up on the owner's mobile device, the dog can be located regardless of its location. Users are able to receive information regarding the pet's current whereabouts and his or her location history as well as parameter breach notifications.

In addition to location tracking, the device also provides low battery alerts.
Battery life is said to range from seven days in active mode to 1,600 hours in standby status. The system is available for Apple iOS 7.0 or Android 4.1 versions and up. Monthly service plans are offered in partnership with Canadian cellular network, Rogers Wireless, and accounts may be set up through the Pet Vu Inc. website. An accompanying activity and fitness level monitoring feature is set for future release.

Concluded Malik, "We're proud to be part of a movement to help families not only keep track of their beloved pets, but help maintain their health as well. Our device combines a small, sleek profile with intelligent design to prevent users' pets from becoming part of the nation's growing shelter population. Though our GPS pet tracker is currently only available in Canada, our U.S. launch is scheduled for the near future. Anyone interested is encouraged to visit our website to Learn More."

About Pet Vu Inc.:
Dedicated to helping pet parents keep their four-legged companions safe and healthy, the staff of Pet Vu Inc. develops revolutionary products and interactive technology designed to provide an effective and user-friendly solution to the high rate of pet loss.

Media Contact:
Omar Malik
Oakville, ON L6H0C3
1 (888) 552-5821


Job and Press Release Postings are FREE for PIJAC Canada Members. Postings are shared on the association blog,  weekly in the Voice and blasted out through our social media channels.  Contact to find out more.

Monday, April 18, 2016

L’agence de la santé publique lance la campagne « Des animaux en santé, des gens en santé » chez les animaleries

Grâce à une collaboration entre l’Agence de la santé publique du Canada, CanHerp, PIJAC Canada, l'ACMV et d’autres agences de santé à travers le Canada, une nouvelle série d’affiches et de cartes postales, « Les animaux en santé, les gens en santé », a été créé pour les animaleries pour aider à sensibiliser leurs clients.

Cette série a pour objectif de faire la promotion de la prévention de maladies lors de la manipulation d’animaux et leur nourriture, en particulier la salmonelle. 

L’utilisation de cette campagne est un bon moyen de connecter avec votre communauté en les informant à quel point ces animaux de compagnie sont magnifiques et comment les manipuler de façon sécuritaire. Les conceptions visuelles amusantes sont idéales pour faire une publication sur les médias sociaux et les afficher en magasin. Assurez-vous de les partager le plus possible, autant que vous le voulez. Partagez-les avec vos:

  • Clients 
  • Groupes d'hobbyistes
  • Éleveurs
  • Programmes scolaires 
  • Municipalités 
  • Refuges et SPA

Bravo à l’ASPC d’avoir mené à terme ce projet et aux partenaires qui ont contribué à cette réalisation. Travaillons ensemble afin de s’assurer que tout le monde profite d’expériences positives avec leurs animaux de compagnie.

Télécharger des affiches et matériaux ici
Carte postale des rongeur:
 Carte postale des reptiles et amphibiens

Monday, April 4, 2016

Rapports de performance selon les produits pour animaux de compagnie – Étude canadienne recrutant les derniers participants

Détaillants : Aimeriez-vous avoir un accès gratuit à des rapports de performance par référence et de tendances du segment de marché qui n’ont jamais été disponibles auparavant au Canada?

PIJAC Canada travaille sur un nouveau projet avec  GfK, une des principales firmes de recherche de l’industrie, afin d’offrir à des détaillants sélectionnés de l’information commerciale qui est habituellement réservée aux fabricants, vous donnant ainsi un avantage concurrentiel.

En tant que revendeur d’animaux de compagnie avec un système de point de vente, vous pourriez avoir accès aux résultats auxquels les fabricants adhèrent, et ce, tout à fait gratuitement. Vous recevriez un rapport trimestriel et semestriel soulignant ce qui vend dans votre magasin et comment cela se compare à d’autres magasins similaires. Plus de 200 animaleries, petites et grandes, se sont déjà inscrites. 

Pour une explication plus détaillée, visionnez la vidéo suivante qui décrit le même programme qui se déroule également aux États-Unis.

Si vous voulez cet outil afin de rationaliser votre processus de commande et d’approvisionnement et avoir cet avantage concurrentiel, veuillez nous le faire savoir dès maintenant. L’étude démarre sous peu et avec un nombre limité de places, nous avons besoin de confirmer les participants aussitôt que possible.

Pour plus d’information, veuillez contacter :

Rénald Sabourin
(800) 667-7452 x 116

SKU Performance Reports for Pet Products - Canadian Study Recruiting Final Participants

Retailers: Would you like free access to SKU performance and Market Share Trend reports that have never before been available in Canada?

PIJAC Canada is working on a new project with GfK, a leading research firm, to give selected retail members market information that is typically reserved for manufacturers, providing you with a very competitive edge.

As a pet retailers with a POS system you could have access to the results that manufacturers have to subscribe to – all for free.  You would receive a quarterly and semi-annual report outlining what is selling in your store and how it compares to similar stores.  Over 200 large and small Canadian pet stores have already signed on. 

For a more detailed explanation, check out the following video which describes this same program which is also running in the US.

If you want this resource to streamline your ordering and get the competitive edge let us know right away.   The panel begins shortly and with limited spaces available we need to confirm participants as soon as we can. 

For more information please contact
Rénald Sabourin
(800) 667-7452 x 116

Friday, April 1, 2016

Working Your Trade Show Muscle

Working your Trade Show Muscle
Ever tried cross promoting with another exhibitor at a show? Learn how this simple technique and others can increase your sales.
Join us April 6th and 8th for two terrific webinars presented byCharmaine Hammond who will also be speaking at the Calgary and Western Shows.
Ten Ways to Ensure Tradeshow Success (register
In this virtual class you will learn how to create strategic alliances to cross promote one another at the event, and, how to create collaborations that produce win win results! We will also share strategies on how to: build your data base and new media following before, during and after the event and network with influencers. The virtual class is being recorded so even if you can't join live, please register to you can receive the video replay.
How To Boost Social Media Results in the Pet Industry (register
As business owners in the pet industry know, it can be hard to find the time to keep all the balls in the air, and stay on top of social media. Charmaine Hammond shares 10 powerful (and free) strategies to boost your pet services or business social media...and results. In 29 minutes you'll walk away with 10 actions that will make a difference... and the best part? They're free!
Remember to also check out our affordable staff training opportunities at the shows!