Friday, November 21, 2014

Victory for responsible pet store owner

Barry Lutzer of Niagara PetCorner in Welland Ontario is celebrating today as city council decided against banning the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in the municipality.  Niagara Pet Corner is the only pet store in the city that offers pets to the community.  Council decided to regulate pet stores instead of a ban on sales.  Keith Burgess, PIJAC Canada Chairman also travelled to Welland to present to council and said that Mr. Lutzer is happy with the outcome as he is already following the requirements laid out by council. 
 With a 750 signature petition from his customers, and his veterinarian Dr. Donna Campbell by his side, Mr. Lutzer, outlined for council how he selects his sources, cares for his animals and why he is a reputable source for pets.  The Welland and District Humane Society thoroughly researched the issue and reported that they felt a regulatory bylaw would be more effective than a ban. 
“This is a fantastic example of a pet store owner getting out in front of the issue by directly engaging his customers, health care provider, trade association and local city council.”, say Burgess, “Transparency, conversation and collaboration are what helped all parties see their way clearly through to this decision.” 

Niagara Pet Corner logoBarry contacted PIJAC Canada earlier this year to discuss the potential bylaw change.   We provided Mr. Lutzer with the information he needed and immediately made contact with the city offering resources and connections with other municipalities who have addressed this issue.  Advocacy can be a grueling job but it’s one we thrive on as it gives us the opportunity to help our members, the animals in their care and also work with municipalities and animal agencies.  We tip our hats to Niagara Pet Corner for their dedication and speaking on behalf of reputable pet retailers.

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