Friday, November 14, 2014

Interested in the Brazilian pet market?

In anticipation of a future Canadian trade mission to Brazil Marcio Francesquine, Trade commissioner at the Consulate General of Canada in Brazil, has organized a webinar for us on Wednesday November 26 at Noon (Eastern Time) with the participation of the Brazilian Pet Institute.

Subject: An overview of the Brazilian Pet market, main players, trends and challenges

Should you want to join this webinar, please contact Roselyne Lévêsque at
Differentiation and health orientation are driving growth in Brazil's pet food market. The development of pet foods and treats with increased nutrients and specific health benefits have defined the market in recent years.  Consumers are treating pets as members of their families, and this pet "humanization" trend has taken off in Brazil, in recent years. It has evolved to the point where many consumers will spend the extra money or effort to obtain natural, high-quality foods for their pets. They want their pets to live long, healthy lives and one of the easiest ways to encourage this is through their food intake.
·         Brazil has the second-largest market for pet food in the world, behind only the United States.
·         The Brazilian dog food market is massive. Valued at just over US$4.9 billion, it makes up 77% of the country's entire pet food market (2012).

·         The cat population is increasing significantly in Brazil, recording a 7% growth in 2012 alone.
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