Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tragedy in New Brunswick

PIJAC Canada is deeply saddened by the events in Campbellton, New Brunswick and our condolences go out the to the Barthe family and the community.

PIJAC Canada’s Exotic Animal Policy advises against the keeping of snakes with a length of more than 3 meters. Our Exotic Animal Policy was developed by industry professionals with the objective to help  provinces and municipalities enact efficient legislation.  Since 1997 the policy has been used across the country  and within our Policy, the African rock python is identified by name, along with six others, as a snake whose keeping in captivity should be prohibited.   The Policy was part of our presentation to the New Brunswick government in conjunction with a regulatory exercise that lead to the province’s 2009 regulation update.  

As has been reported in various news stories, reptile experts have stated the behaviour of this snake is unusual.  These snakes do not normally look to humans as food.  That being said,  the African rock python in question is well over 3 meter and therefore makes it a prohibited species under our policy and not one to have in a domestic  or commercial environment.  Like any family who brings a pet into a home, education regarding the care and the local laws must be known whether it be a dog, turtle or snake.

PIJAC Canada provides leadership and communication between all sectors of the pet industry through resources, training and advocacy to promote the highest level of pet care. We offer our recommendations to various levels of government to assist them in developing safe legislation for the public and pets.  Membership to our association is voluntary, the store in question is not a member. PIJAC Canada remains available to work with government and businesses to ensure that the pet ownership experience is a safe and rewarding one.

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