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Announcing New Retailer Award in Canada

Announcing New Retailer Award in Canada

April 4, 2017 (Ottawa, ON) - PIJAC Canada is excited to announce the first ever Animal Welfare is Everyone's Business tm – Retail Award (Western).   This award will highlight the work of dedicated and passionate pet retail businesses in the areas of animal well-being and the promotion of responsible pet ownership.  Our goal for this award is to publicly shine a light on the efforts of the amazing people in our industry and to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

Award Criteria:
1.       Must be a pet specialty retailer in  one of the following provinces, BC, AB, SK, MB or Territories
2.       Must be a brick and mortar location
3.        Promotes responsible pet ownership in the store and community ie - Take home information packages, after-sale care program, care workshops, school visits, etc.
4.       Supports pet & pet families in the community ie - pet food bank, raising awareness of issues impacting pets in the community, assisting other animal organizations, etc.
5.       Any other general community support activities

Here’s how it works:
1.       Manufacturers and Distributors can submit the nominations online to PIJAC Canada by May 1st.
2.       Successful nominees will be announced May 9th.
3.       Online voting will be open May 9 - 23.  PIJAC Canada members, pre-registered show visitors and Western Cdn. Pet Industry Trade Show exhibitors will be eligible to vote.

The winner will be announced during the Fundraising Gala at the Western Canadian Pet Industry Trade Show the evening of June 4th

What about the rest of the country?!
This is our first time giving an award like this so we are starting small and building up.  Once the Western show has been completed keep watch for details on when nominations will open for the awards at ExpoZoo and the National Pet Industry Trade Show.  There are plans in the works to expand the Animal Welfare is Everyone’s Business Award in 2018 to pet services, manufacturers and distributors.
"For the last 5 years we have been sharing stories about the efforts of businesses who go the extra mile to educate people about responsible pet ownership and help to create positive pet experiences." says Louis McCann, association President & CEO,  "With the advent of our new Western Canadian Pet Industry Trade Show we felt it was the perfect time to launch this award. It is our hope this award will also become a vehicle for you to celebrate your accomplishments, inspire others and share your stories with the public at large."


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Susan Dankert
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