Monday, May 8, 2017

The Pooch and Pony - 2017 AWIEB Retail Award Nominee

2017 NOMINEE (Western)


The Pooch & Pony
Stony Plain, Alberta
Summer and Dina Merrills
Nominated by:  Kane Pet Supplies

Promoting responsible pet ownership in the store and community.
- Works with Parkland Animal Shelter every year called Responsible Pet Ownership Day, providing nail trims and raising funds to bring awareness to responsible pet ownership.

- Owners of this store very much stress responsible pet ownership. They are incredibly passionate about recommending and selling the greatest products they can find, both for dogs, cats as well as horses. They have gone as far as to introduce wellness practices into their business- they offer massage therapy, photon light therapy, cold laser therapy, wellness consultation sessions, 

- Recently started offering pet transportation services, for those in the community who may require that. They continue to strive for excellence with every decision they make and every extra service they start to offer.

Supporting pets in the community.
- Very active within the community- they regularly donate to not only the Parkland Food Bank, but the Parkland Pet Food Bank as well. Their generosity knows no limitations- every time I speak with the owner, Summer, she is in the middle of preparing for some charitable event.

- Supports local animal rescues by offering grooming services. 
They also support the Parkland Animal Shelter, by providing grooming services, giving coupons to people adopting a new pet, 

- When the fire happened in Fort McMurray, these retailers did not skip a beat, offering products to people who really needed it, discounts on larger purchases, and raising money for victims of this tragedy.

Other general community support activities.
- Contributed and raised funds for the Remuda Horsemanship Program, Blueberry School, St Matthew Luthern School, Dance Soul, The Town of Stony Plain Family Fest, Heatherdown Hills Equestrian Centre, Warden Riding Club, Youth Empowerment Services, Purina Walk for Guide Dogs, Parkland School Division, Parkland Riding Club and many more!

Other observations about the nominee. 
This retailers ongoing commitment to not only personal excellence, but community involvement, is inspiring. The owners and staff of this company have hearts as big as the list of people they have helped throughout the years.

They recently moved into a new location, and have been able to expand not only their business but their presence within the pet specialty community in town. Anyone who speaks with Summer for five minutes can tell just how passionate she is about proper animal welfare, and that passion carries over in everything she does. I am honoured to nominate her for this, as it would be very well deserved.

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