Monday, May 8, 2017

Homes Alive Pets - 2017 AWIEB Retail Award Nominee

2017 NOMINEE (Western)

Edmonton, Alberta
Leon & Evan Ropp

Nominated by: Burgham Sales

Promoting responsible pet ownership in the store and community.
- Take home information packages and unlimited after sale support of all products. 

- Support responsible pet ownership through education and customer service. In today's competitive environment, that really happens on all platforms, social media pet tips, blogs and articles on our website, and of course, in-store customer service.

- Works with the city of Edmonton on initiatives that we can support. For example, right now, there is an initiative called "I'm an outdoor cat" which offers free collars for cats that are owned so that the community can know the difference between an owned and feral cats

Supporting pets in the community.
- Have  a close relationships with a few rescue organizations (namely HART) that host adoption and informational events at the stores on Saturdays. We provide a space for them to set up a table and interact with our customers in-store.

- Promoted these organizations through creative initiatives. For example, on Black Friday, we ran a promotion called "Bright Friday" where we focused on giving back to the community and not the deep discounts. We gave a portion of our sales to local rescues as a way to say, "We are going to start this holiday season by giving back".

Fort McMurray Assistance
- Free Food to displaced pet families, discounts for people purchasing to assist Fort McMurray pet families, donated kennels and free Natural Balance to shelters and rescues

Sponsors an adoption room at the Lethbridge Humane Society which is a socialization room for families to interact with prospective dog or cat rescues

Other observations about the nominee
Their Mission Statement:
- To enrich the lives of pets. We enhance pet well-being through the promotion of responsible pet ownership, proper customer education, and natural, wholesome solutions to pet problems.

- To enrich the lives of our customers. We help identify and alleviate pet problems by fostering conversation and offering natural, wholesome solutions to nurture positive pet experiences in our customers.

- To enrich the lives of the people we work with. Whether they are co-workers, suppliers, or sales representatives, we affirm individual worth by being respectful, honest, humble, and empathetic with the people we encounter.
To enrich the lives in our community.

- We are each part of a broader community, locally and globally. As a business, we are committed to adding value to the lives around us: pet shelters & rescues, as well as humanitarian initiatives, on both a community and an international level.

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