Monday, May 8, 2017

Global Pet Foods Winnipeg - 2017 AWIEB Retail Award Nominee

2017 NOMINEE (Western)
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Global Pet Foods (Winnipeg)
Winnipeg, MB
Chris & Deb Delorme
Nominated by:  Marcam Pet Nutrition

Promoting responsible pet ownership in the store and community.
- Educate customers on pet safety and pet health and help them to choose products that are ideal for their family needs.

- Attend numerous community events to help pet owners become familiar with products that promote responsible pet ownership, ranging from biodegradable poop bags to dental products to ensure good dental health, to proper pet licensing and leash/harness safety, etc.

- Provide pet training and grooming recommendations in the area, etc. They also trim pet nails in their store regularly (for dogs, cats and small animals) with the proceeds of the trims going to help rescue groups. 

- Take the time to listen to their customers and get to know the families and pets so that they can support them as needed. They encourage pets to come into the store in order to socialize and have fun with people and other animals and just get out of the house, especially when the weather is cold and doesn’t allow for much outdoor activity.

- Have many rescue and breeder contacts that can provide pets when responsible families are searching for a furry friend to become a family member.

Supporting pets in the community.
- Donates food and supplies regularly to pet related events and to rescue groups. 
Host adoption events to help foster families gain exposure for their foster animals in need of homes/families. 

- Offers contact information for services such as vets, grooming, pet sitting, doggie daycares, training and behavioral support. 

- Uses social media to allow potential customers to request products and advice on making healthy choices for the animals.

Other general community support activities.
- Attend dog parks to get to know people in the area, to help promote pet health awareness, and to help create fun and stimulating activities for pets. 

- Sponsor the annual ‘Bark for Life’ event to help people involve their animals in raising funds for cancer research (this involves a morning of walking, playing and competing in contests at a local dog park in support of Cancer Care Manitoba). 

- A main sponsor of the Manitoba Pet Expo that provides an inside display of pet related products and services for people to visit, learn from and bring their pets out to enjoy the activities. They offer numerous product samples at these events and in-store in order for families to try products for free prior to investing in them.

Other observations about the nominee.
They are a pet-loving family owned store with employees that live in the community. They are all pet lovers and have the pet’s interest in mind when selecting products to promote. They have a staff member who is studying to be a vet as well as staff members that have worked in vet clinics, grooming salons and doggie daycares and are passionate about animals. All employees have pets that they are directly responsible for caring for and therefore can relate to customer’s needs and concerns and offer advice based on experience with their own animals. They learn from their customers and stock their store based on their own product choices as well as recommendations from customers, groomers, vets, behavioral specialists, and pet lovers in general.

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