Friday, October 14, 2016


Did you know that because of Canadian pet industry leaders, your lost pet’s microchip can be read across the country? These leaders make up the National Companion Animal Coalition (NCAC)

The NCAC works together to make sure Radio Frequency Identification products (aka microchip readers, microchips and databases) conform to the revised Canadian standards for electronic identification devices used for companion animals. This means that no matter where a pet is lost, whether near or far from home, their microchip can be read anywhere.  

Pet services such as veterinary clinics, municipalities, humane societies, animal control who use products appearing on the list of NCAC recognized RFID products can:

1. Be confident that their microchip reader will be able to read chips showing the present (ISO) and older standard chip.

2. Access the relevant databases to find a match and get a lost pet home.

We wanted to share with you the updated list of companies who offer recognized products in Canada and to give kudos to our partners on the NCAC.

For a list of recognized RFID Products, click here.

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