Monday, September 12, 2016

Your untapped staffing solution is Ready Willing and Able

This year we are happy to announce the Ready Willing and Able Initiative will be joining the National Pet Industry Trade Show this year.  Ready Willing and Able is unlike any other exhibitor we have hosted before.  Instead of pet products they offer access to an untapped staffing resource for pet businesses.

Ready, Willing and Able is a national initiative who’s goal is to increase the labour force participation of people with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder.  They work with employers from coast to coast matching up their clients with employers. Including a new pilot project with Home Depot. Helping to fill the needs of both.

We were approached in the spring by Alicia Xavier, Regional Autism Coordinator for the organization looking for insight into how to connect the people at Ready Willing and Able to pet businesses in Canada.  It was such a natural fit for both their clients and our visitors we invited them to join us this weekend. 

I will let Alicia explain their interest:  “People with ASD are not only qualified to work in the pet industry, but those with autism that find social interaction a challenge have found comfort working with animals and within the industry.[1] Individuals with autism spectrum disorder have excelled in roles such as: veterinarian’s assistant, tending to the needs of livestock, and working with a pet-grooming establishment. 

Job seekers with ASD also possess unique strengths that contribute to company productivity and innovation. Many of these characteristics are assets within the pet industry. 
Some of these strengths can include:

• Extraordinary concentration capabilities
• Exceptional attention to detail
• Excellent problem-solving skills and an ability to ‘think outside the box
• Exceptional memory
Specialized skills or interests (heightened abilities in logical reasoning and pattern recognition)
Reliability and honesty
• Ability to excel in tasks that involve a high degree of precision and repetition

To find out more about this program you can visit Ready Willing and Able at the National Pet Industry Trade Show or contact Alicia Xavier, Regional Autism Coordinator,, 416-322-7877 ext 227



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