Friday, September 30, 2016

Pitbull Ban - Businesses, Vets, SPCA's, Breeders, Rescues all standing together

By now most people have heard that the Montreal SPCA has launch a lawsuit against the City of Montreal regarding the new Breed Specific Bylaw targeting pitbulls.  A bylaw based on misinformation and fear.  During the summer of 2016, at the request of the provincially appointed dangerous dogs working group, we provided our position, advising strongly against a breed specific bylaw due to its ineffectiveness in ensuring public safety. In the end, despite consultation with PIJAC Canada, SPCAs, the veterinary community and many other municipalities and organizations the city of Montreal has decided to go ahead with a ban on pitbull/pitbull-type dogs. Instead of embracing scientific evidence and existing data the city has chosen to support breed specific legislation, when all the expertise points to the contrary. Throughout this debate the Montreal SPCA has done a phenomenal job working to educate their citizens about the myths surrounding pitbulls and the reality of dangerous dogs.  Despite everyone's best efforts, the mayor and a majority of council made a decision that will end up putting in danger the lives of hundreds of perfectly good dogs.

Punishing responsible pet families takes focus and resources away from addressing the real issue which is public safety, something all sides agree on.  We have offered our assistance to the Montreal SPCA, had a meeting of the National Companion Animal Coalition (CVMA, CKC, CFHS, PIJAC Canada) and corresponded with many other organizations across the country on this issue. Everyone is in agreement that we will continue working to change the outcome.  

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