Monday, November 23, 2015

2015 Canadian Pet Retail Award Winner

Congratulations to all the winners and the nominees of 2015 Summit Awards.  Despite some unexpected hiccups this year regarding the Summit conference, the organizers have worked tirelessly to ensure the 2015 Summit Awards are announced and due recognition given to the winners.   

Below is the official list of winners including Homes Alive Pet Centres in Alberta, winner of the Retailer Award.  We also want to give a special shout out to Bosley's (New West Minister), La Grande Ménagerie, Petland Canada and the Top Dog Store who were also nominated in this category and to France Dubois our own local nominee from the SPCA de l'Outaouais who won the Sheltering Award. Check all the profiles to discover what makes these companies stand out. 

And the Summit Award winners are...

The Breeder Summit Award recognizes a breeder of companion animals with five or more years of breeding experience that is compliant with recognized codes of ethical conduct or the Urban Animal Certified Quality Mark and demonstrates an exemplary level of professionalism.  And the winner is... Dawne Deeley, TsarShadow Karelian Bear Dogs 

The Communicator Summit Award recognizes an organization that develops a concept and successfully delivers compelling content to promotes a better environment for urban animals.  And the winner is... Alison Cross, Ontario SPCA 

The Retailer Summit Award recognizes an organization in the retail sector that has achieved a remarkable relationship with pet families and has improved the experience of pets and people in the community (ies) they serve.  And the winner is... Evan Ropp, Homes Alive Pet Centres 

 The Collaboration Summit Award recognizes the efforts of two or more organizations (service providers) that work collaboratively to create a healthier environment for urban animals.  And the winners are... Alberta Alliance for the Safety of Animals and People (AASAP), lead by Tim Battle and Deanna Lewis of the Alberta SPCA and Win House

The Community Summit Award recognizes achievements to create a more pet friendly environment with the implementation of a best practice in licensing, identification, wellness, recreation, public spaces, housing, tourism or standards of care. And the winner is... The Corporation for the District of North Vancouver

The Distinguished Service Provider Summit Award recognizes a service provider that has achieved a remarkable impact on the lives of people and pets within a community.  And the winner is... Karl Braun, Run Free Canine Centre 

The Homing Summit Award recognizes an organization that achieves success placing animals in appropriate environments for animals and people through innovative adoption, sale, return-to-owner, re-homing or fostering programs.  And the winner is...Shelley Cunningham, Litters n Critters Rescue 

The Individual Achievement Summit Award recognizes an individual who is currently active in the urban animal industry and is well regarded for their achievements to improve the experience of pets and people. Preference will be shown for those who actively mentor the development of leaders and professionalism in the industry. And the winner is... Dr. Karen Becker 

The Lifetime Achievement Summit Award recognizes an individual whose achievements has garnered the honor and respect of their peers in the Alliance for Urban Animals.  And the winner is... James H. Bandow 

The Sheltering Summit Award recognizes an organization that has improved the care and handling of animals in transition. (recovery, intervention, transfer).  And the winner is... France Dubois, SPCA de l'Outaouais 

The Wellness Summit Award recognizes the efforts of an organization to improve the overall levels of health and wellness for urban animals in a specific community, area of intervention or industry sector.  And the winner is... City of Edmonton Animal Care & Control Centre 

The Pet Owner Summit Award recognizes a pet owner that has demonstrated a mindful approach to pet ownership and the ability to think beyond themselves to create a better environment for all urban animals. And the winner is... Brad Tanner

Thank you to the Summit for Urban Animals for all their hard work in bringing together our industry and giving us the medium to recognize the greats in our sector. 

You can also let us know if you or someone you know would make a great story for our Animal Welfare is Everyone's Business (#AWIEB) campaign, which highlights the amazing ways Canadian pet businesses are engaged in the wellbeing of pets.

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