Monday, July 6, 2015

Working on ground breaking legislation in Quebec

Quebec has been a busy center of focus for PIJAC Canada the past few years.  We are currently involved in two legislative activities working on behalf of pets and pet businesses in Quebec.

Bill 54 : Act aimed at improving the legal status of animals in Quebec - OPPORTUNITY TO COMMENT
The media has historically labelled Quebec as the province with the worst reputation for animal protection in the country.  The reality is that over the last 10 years Quebec has been working towards some of the most progressive animal protection legislation this country has ever seen.  Case in point, Bill 54.  This bill changes the Quebec Civil Code so that animals are no longer considered property, but rather beings that have feelings and biological needs. More specifically, the bill deals with animal distress, reporting abuse, business licensing and increased fines. 

This Bill, presented to the legislative assembly on June 5th, carries a multitude of changes that will affect pet related businesses.  We are encouraging everyone to review the following link to find out about how the Bill works, how it will impact you, and about opportunities for you to weigh in on the issue.  Bill 54 - MAPAQ  

In addition, PIJAC Canada has been invited to address a Parliamentary Commission and provide comment on this Bill.  Our presentation will be made on September 22nd in Quebec City.  We are currently preparing our comments and welcome you to provide us with your input.  The deadline to submit your thoughts to us is end of day on Friday July 31st 2015. 

We are encouraged by the orientation of the bill and the potential positive impact it will have on the industry and wellbeing of Quebec's animals.

Ongoing review of existing animals in captivity regulation
We recently attended an information session given by Quebec Ministry of Fish and Wildlife and were presented with the government’s plan regarding going forward with this exercise.  We will be taking full advantage of this opportunity for the association to work with the government and help make this exercise a success.  We will continue to pass along new details as we receive them and will be seeking your feedback during the process.

As is normally the case, much of the advocacy work we engage in with government takes place over a lengthy period of time.  The bulk of which happens behind the scenes.  It is through the relationships we have built over 27 years that we are regularly invited to participate in these projects.  What truly stands out to our government stakeholder counterparts is the passion and dedication shown by our members to be at the table and contribute whenever an issues arises.  We look forward to receiving your input on Bill 54 shortly and on the animals in captivity exercise in future.

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