Friday, July 3, 2015

Two-Time Winner! RC Pet Products Does It Again at the Western Pet Expo

RC Pet Products are back and better than ever! This company won Best New Product at the Western Pet Expo last year with their Ultimate Cooling Coat and the visitors this year proved this great company has great ideas – their line of harnesses won the Best New Product contest again this year. Now joining the ranks are RC Pets’ Ultimate Control Harness and their Step In Cirque! These harnesses provide comfort and control for all kinds of pet personalities.

Here's what Erik Dier had to say about RC Pet Products and their latest winning product.

RC Pet Products has been around for over 25 years, what has been your ongoing motivation?
Everything that we do enhances the bond between pets and their pet parents. Our pets trust us to care for them, to guide them, and to keep them from harm. Our pet products are all designed to help strengthen the bond between people and their pet, while looking good and performing superbly under all conditions.

Does all production happen in Canada or abroad?
All of our products are designed at our office in Vancouver. Several of our products are manufactured in Vancouver, with the remaining being produced at trusted suppliers at overseas locations. We have a full-time Quality Assurance Manager that oversees the production of all goods manufactured outside of our office, to ensure they meet the standards of excellence that RC Pet Products is renowned for.

Tell us about the sustainability element of  the materials you use.
At RC Pet Products, our goal is to enhance and foster sustainable business practices throughout our organization. Our commitment to making the most affordable, quality gear for pets goes hand in hand with our commitment to ethical sourcing, environmental sustainability and community involvement.

What influenced these new designs?
The success of our Cirque Harness and No Pull Harness served as the inspiration for two new second generation products, the Step In Cirque Harness and the Ultimate Control Harness. Based on feedback from our valued partners and consumers, we made enhancements to these products to better meet the needs of a growing subset of customers seeking safe and comfortable solutions that both support and enable further control of their dogs.  The feedback from retailers and customers has been extremely positive and the store adoption and turn rate of these new products has been high!

How widely are the Harnesses Distributed? 
Both the Step In Cirque Harness and the Ultimate Control Harness are being sold to pet specialty stores across Canada and the US, and our products are available in select countries outside of North America.

 Congratulations to RC Pet Products on their second win, and thank you to all the visitors who took the time to vote!  The next round competitions will be taking place at the ExpoZoo show August and National Pet Industry Trade Show in September.


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