Monday, June 15, 2015

Pawsitively Superb! Pawsitive FX™ Wins Best New Product at Calgary Pet Industry Trade Show

Everyone loves when the weather starts to warm up, and dogs are no exception! But as most dog owners know, the effects of harsh Canadian winters and those hot summer days can take their toll on your pet.  Thankfully, Pawsitive FX™ has come out with a brand new line of pet care skin products that are all natural, and were the winner of the Best New Product contest at the Calgary Pet Industry Trade Show. They have three balms (Happy Paws, Strong Paws, and Happy Snouts) to help soothe, heal and protect dog noses and paws so your dog can enjoy the good (and the not-so-good) weather in comfort!

Andy Birchall, Brand Manager of Pawsitive FX, gave us some insight into the company and this award winning line of products.

 What was the inspiration behind the company?
Pets are important. For many, pets become honorary family members that provide unconditional love and bring a great deal of joy to millions of households. Pawsitive FX™ is inspired not only by our own passion for pets, but by the loyalty and dedication that pets show towards us.

Your site describes your products being all-natural and sustainable, tell us about how you determine the ingredients and ensure they are from sustainable sources?
We have worked with a local formulator in Vancouver, B.C. with over ten years of experience in developing innovative and high quality skincare and topicals. We procure our raw materials exclusively from suppliers that source ethically produced ingredients that are free from pesticides or chemicals. Pawsitive FX™ believes our furry family members deserve the best care possible. All of the Pawsitive FX™ products are manufactured in Vancouver, B.C. By maintaining close control over our supply-chain, we can ensure that we are creating safe, sustainable and effective products derived from ethical and pure ingredients.

Is it meant for dogs and cats?
Our current three balm products are intended for dogs. We hope to expand our line very soon to include other animals, and are always developing new ideas!

How is giving back to the community part of your business model?
Pawsitive FX™ is working to make “pawsitive” changes in the world, one paw (or claw, flipper, or hoof!) at a time. We are proud to support selected animal welfare organizations by donating 25 cents per unit of product sold.

What has the feedback been like?
Customers have been sending us in their before and after photos, and we could not be more pleased to see the fantastic results! We love putting the customer’s mind at ease knowing that their dog is not only going to feel better, but that our products are safe and natural.  Products are currently only available in Canada, but we hope to expand soon.

Congratulations to Pawsitive FX™ on their Best New Product Win, and thank you to everyone who took the time to vote!

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