Friday, June 19, 2015

Canadian Pet Food Shortage Averted

From today’s meeting we can report a step forward as both the USDA-APHIS and CFIA have agreed to the most recent pet industry stakeholder’s proposal regarding the importation of pet food into Canada from the US.  Specifically on the issue concerning recognized shipping times under the proposed policy.

Here’s how it happened.  In early October 2014 we were contacted by the CFIA and invited to be involved in a consultation regarding new regulations surrounding the importation of pet food into Canada from the United States. The purpose was to bring Canada in line with OIE guidelines. The initial proposed regulation would have made it extremely difficult for shipments to reach store shelves, negatively affecting the food supply across the country.  With over fifty percent of the pet food sold in Canada coming from the United States, this is something neither the government nor the industry wanted. 

Numerous associations and government agencies were able to discuss their concerns.  The first step for PIJAC Canada was to join an industry stakeholder group which also included, Pet Food Association of Canada, the Pet Food Institute, the American FeedIndustry Association, the Retail Council of Canada, Food and Consumer Productsof Canada and Import/Export Canada.

After a meeting in February between the two government authorities further defined the process that was being considered, we contacted our members, seeking their input and making them aware that they too could take part in a 60 day consultation process, and a number of them did. 

Which is why today we are very happy to share the positive outcome of a lot of hard work and collaboration between industry, associations, and government agencies.  In summary, pet food will continue to flow into Canada from the US.  

Here’s a brief summary:
  • ·      Under this proposal a multiple shipment certificate would allow for a seven day window from the first ship date and a 30 day validity period.  This means that the goods must arrive in Canada within 30 day of the first ship date.
  • ·      A single shipment certificate will be available and can be utilized for infrequent shippers and that certificate will be valid for 30 days.
  • ·      The policy will still be comprised of an implementation period with the first phase starting Sept. 1, 2015.
  • ·      While the second phase will still be set to beginning July 1 2016. 

A joint statement by USDA-APHIS and CFIA is expected within the week.  Thank you especially to our members who put in the time with us on this issue, being part of the discussions and working to protect the food supply.  For further information please contact

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