Monday, January 5, 2015

New Canadian Initiative: Pet care support for hospice patients

Recently, we were contacted by a fairly new organization called the Bello Project.  What caught our attention was their unique take on providing support for hospice patients and their pets.  Here’s how it was explained to us:

Hospice Care Organizations provide programs and services to community members dealing with a terminal illness.  When a pet is part of that journey the challenge of meeting their care needs must also be managed to prevent a pre-mature separation.

The Bello Project is designed to support by providing food, shelter, exercise and veterinarian attention so that the pet and pet parent can stay together.  This includes: 
  • Basic care, in the client’s home, if a hospice volunteer base cannot meet the need
  • Surrendering, fostering and adoption costs when an emergency arises
  • Veterinarian care when required for the Re-Homing Process
  • Gifts of food and treats to ease the worry of the pet parent and further the relationship between volunteers and pets
  • Transportation costs when required
  • Equipment costs when required

While a person is on their treatment journey The Bello Project makes certain that basic pet care does not weigh on their mind and when treatment is no longer an option.  The Bello Project works to ensure a safe and secure transition.  The “Re-Homing” process begins with a familial candidate who realizes their first priority is to support the critical role a pet will play in this final stage of the journey. 

The program structure has been developed as a package so it can be easily be given to and facilitated by a community.  As with many programs they are looking for support by way of donated services, product or financial assistance.  For more information on the program, Tracey Robertson is the main contact and can be reached at

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