Monday, January 20, 2014

London Ontario looks to License Instead of Ban

Last fall the city of London reviewed a motion to ban the sale of dog and cat within pet stores.  Taking the issue in hand PIJAC Canada member Paul Unrau of Southwestern Pet, approached us in September at the National show to ask for guidance.  With our member Municipal Tool Kit in hand Paul gave a detailed presentation making important connections with London city staff.  He also introduced the staff to PIJAC Canada paving the way for us to approach the city with  the legislative resources we have available for municipalities.  Member, Margaret Rubio of Pet Paradise London also wrote a detailed letter to the city containing facts and figures provided in the Municipal Tool Kit.  Both members also approached Councillors to discuss their position.  Working together as a team we had productive conversations with the city, with our members leading the way.

As a result, recently the City Council accepted the staff report recommending the civic administration be directed to consult with PIJAC Canada, the OSPCA and members of their animal welfare advisory committee on licensing pet stores, and banning the sale of companion animals at flea markets.  A proactive step and one that we hope inspires other cities to consider. 

We want to commend our members in London for being so on the ball.  It is companies like these that are the eyes and ears of the industry and help us to in touch with advocacy issues around Canada.  It is also interesting to point out that Southwestern Pets does not carry dogs in his store, but was willing to address the issue with the municipality because Paul understands that families need to be able to find healthy pets easily and also have access to pet professionals who are able to provide support and care information for the life of that pet. 

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