Saturday, August 20, 2016

Press Release: New Recognition Program for Canadian Pet Stores

OTTAWA, ON (August 19, 2016) -  PIJAC Canada is proud to launch the Best Management Practices Program for Pet Retailers (BMP's) at ExpoZoo 2016
Over 3 years in the making, this program was developed to support pet businesses in their day to day operations and to educate consumers about care practices thereby opening the door for important conversations.  Businesses who choose to participate in the BMP program use it as a set of guidelines and as a tool to demonstrate to the community their health practices and dedication to proper animal husbandry.

The program is a mechanism to help differentiate the substandard operators from the excellent ones.  Operators that prioritize the health of the animals in their care, value the importance of providing proper information to their staff and customers and want to provide the best overall pet experience possible.

Communities want transparency especially in the way animals are tended. Responsible pet businesses follow these basic guidelines as part of their daily operations. If a member of the public has a question they can also request the guidelines as provided by the participating business and PIJAC Canada. The onus is on the operators as they are the ones that attest to BMP’s. Should any serious concerns arise regarding the welfare of animals in a business setting, issues are addressed through the proper authorities in that region such as SPCA or municipal enforcement.

Developed with input from other international pet organizations and the veterinary community, the program has been in a trial phase with retailers for the last few months.  “We are grateful for everyone’s input and see this as an ever evolving project.” says Louis McCann, CEO of PIJAC Canada,  " The association’s role has always been one of guidance, not enforcement and as such this program is voluntary.  It is our goal that one day it will make it into the law books.  We feel offering this program is the next step up in caring for Canada's pets."

For more information visit Booth #48 at ExpoZoo August 21-22

or contact Jacynthe Lacroix, Education Coordinator at

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