Monday, May 2, 2016

Environment Canada Helps Pet Stores Take Precautions Against Bsal Disease

 In December PIJAC Canada released a notice supporting a temporary moratorium on importation of Firebelly and Paddletail newts into Canada until the issue could be solved. Environment Canada in partnership with the provinces and other agencies have released a information and protective care sheets to address the growing danger of Salamander Chytrid (Bsal) Disease.  There are two resources, one for pet stores and pet owners, as well as, one for veterinarians and the scientific community.  Links to these documents can be found below.  

This is a serious disease that spreads extremely easily and we ask that businesses continue to observe the moratorium and help preserve the health of our newt populations.

Bsal Resource: Pet Shops and Public 
Bsal Resource: Veterinary / Scientific Community


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