Monday, May 16, 2016

Bark 'n Yapp takes the bite out of finding the best products and services for dogs...

Bark 'n Yapp takes the bite out of finding the best products and services for dogs, saving pet owners from chasing their tail.

TORONTO, May 11, 2016 / - A new and exciting Canadian start-up has created the most comprehensive on-line marketing solution, exclusively targeted at the 35 million dog owners in North America that consider their dog to be a family member and the 200,000 businesses that cater to them. Bark ‘n Yapp ( has ‘Everything for your dog, all in one place’.

Bark 'n Yapp is a trusted, peer reviewed website, and soon to be launched mobile app, that allows all dog owners to meet, connect, research, review and locate products, services and resources to enhance their dog's life, making Bark ‘n Yapp ‘The world’s largest on-line dog park’.

“We were always looking for good information on where to buy good products, who we could trust to walk our dogs, or where to stay when traveling”, says Galen Udell, Founder & Top Dog of Bark 'n Yapp. “The best resource was always other dog owners and typically we got this through conversations in the dog park. Our goal with Bark 'n Yapp was to bring together deep and rich local information on everything ‘dog’ to help create a highly engaged community based on trust and peer referrals, just like you get when you talk to other dog owners at a dog park.” 

Bark ‘n Yapp was created for thousands of dog owners of all ages from Boomers to Millennials who cater to their four legged furry friends like family and want to give them the best the world has to offer. Bark ‘n Yapp really is a dog’s best friend, by helping their pup-parents to quickly & easily access a wide variety of dog needs. This new and innovative on-line site brings together dog owners, information, and resources to create a community based, trusted, peer reviewed site to find, review, connect, share …. again and again.

Love your new dog groomer, but found the pet-friendly hotel you just stayed in wasn’t very human-friendly, well you can bark about it and listen to others who want to yapp it up. Everything including parks, trails, daycare, boarders, pet supplies, health care, groomers, travel, walkers, sitters, trainers, and more are all just a quick click away.

“The relationship we have with our dogs is a very human one. We engage with our dogs in many of the same ways that we engage with each other. We have strived to make Bark ‘n Yapp more about that type of engagement and less about technology." Glenn Clarke, CTO & Co-Founder of Bark ‘n Yapp.

Bark 'n Yapp is different than other websites or apps because each and every dog has their OWN profile. A puppy’s profile allows owners to capture all vital information in one place. Chip number, favorite food, veterinarian, birthday
and behavioral characteristics can be made available to anyone who cares for each and every beloved fur-kid. Available for desktop, laptop and tablet (and mobile app in development), Bark ‘n Yapp is currently loaded with over 5000 locations in Canada and plans to expand quickly into the United States.

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CONTACT – For additional Information, please contact:
Galen Udell, Founder & Top Dog, Bark 'n Yapp


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