Monday, October 12, 2015

Petland Canada – Amy Pawson #AWIEB

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in their communities. #AWIEB

Petland Canada – Amy Pawson

Amy has moved the organization forward with first thought to humane animal welfare for all the animals in their care. She continues to collaborate with many humane leaders to achieve, adapt and implement best practices, not just focused on animal care while in her store but also from the point of sourcing and transport. She spearheaded the change to where cats and dogs were sourced from. Rather than contributing to the already bursting pet population explosion she supports rescue groups and humane societies by offering their storefront for adoptions. With this change she has increased her partnerships with many distinguished groups. 

One of the most notable aspects of Amy is the conversations she is willing to have with even the most challenging people and topics. She listens with respect to polarizing options and tries to provide balance to the conversations. In some cases has even changed policy as a result of some of these conversations. Amy believes in the power of the animal human bond. The joy and the special bond that people develop with their pets are instrumental in infusing more compassion in the world. She feels that many of the small animals that are offered for adoption in their store allow families and children that first introduction to the power of animals. They will support the new pet owners with education on care and treatment in the home and also will take back any animals that they have adopted out if the family can no longer keep the pet. 

Amy recently launched a Petland Charities division with the goal “to support and help programs that save the lives of homeless pets, education people on creating and sustaining a healthy community for pets and people and bring awareness of education of companion animal – welfare issues.” Petland Canada has built more stores, Amy collaborated with animal welfare leaders and her placement partners to ensure that the kennels and the community cat rooms offers the animals the least amount of stress.

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