Monday, October 5, 2015

La Grande Ménagerie #AWIEB

Sharing stories about the great things businesses do to support pets and pet families 
in their communities. #AWIEB

La Grande Ménagerie, Sherbrooke QC
The goal of La Grande Ménagerie every day is to educate pet families, helping them to make good choices and solid commitments to the animals in their care. As such they have been directly involved in the education of the population for animal welfare for many years.

New Homes for Pets Through Collaboration: They refer clients directly to shelters in the surrounding area and have connected the community with pets through collaborative adoption efforts over the last 15 years. Kittens are always sterilized and vaccinated, to improve well-being, and also be sure they do not contribute unexpected litters.

La Grande Menagerie organizes weekend adoptions by lending their store to shelters, so they have space to engage the public and find homes for the shelter animals. For example, recently, they assisted the Refuge Caramel Foundation to help find families for a considerable number of cats brought to the shelter.
They regularly support the Eastern Townships SPA and other rescues by offering corporate gift certificates that they use to promote adoptions, by sending them gifts of food and toys and organizing fundraisers for them.

Public Education: La Grande Menagerie has some special exotic pets in their care which are their community ambassadors of education. These ambassadors include birds and turtles and reptiles which were surrendered by their families. They help to demonstrate the long term commitment involved as well as, special nutritional and habitat needs in caring for these species. They help illustrate to families what it takes to properly care for these animals and why they can make great companions. The staff team regularly offers tours, in which they explain more about the care and needs of animals to children, allowing them to get in touch with them in a respectful way.  They also engage children by making presentations in local schools or during event days.

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