Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Létourno Nutrition Animale #AWIEB

Sharing stories about the great things businesses do to support pets and pet families 
in their communities. #AWIEB

Létourno Nutrition Animale, Quebec City, QC 
Létourno is a family business which has been in Quebec for 40 years.  We have worked closely with Québec's SPA for several years and were a financial partner in constructing SPA's new sterilization room in 2014.  We have a “Pet of the week” radio segment to help shelter pets find homes & in addition we provide $100 starter kits.  We also have a television segment educating people on pet health, care, & helpful tools.  Through on going fundraisers and special store promotions we are able to donate profits to Québec's SPA and we enjoy our work with canine clubs, breeders, and shelters.

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