Monday, April 20, 2015

Dart Frog Ownership is Legal Again in Alberta

Thanks to a successful collaboration between PIJAC Canada and a group of Alberta dart frog advocates, the Alberta government has decided to revert back to their previous list of controlled dart frogs, (genus Phyllobates) only this means dart frogs continue to be legal as pets. 

In late 2014, changes to the Alberta Wildlife Act resulted in the entire family Dendrobatidae (all twelve genera) being listed as controlled animals. With this change, all species of dart frogs would appear on a "controlled" list, which meant ownership of the species would have been possible only with a proper government issued permit. Implementation of these changes was slated for April 30th 2015. 
PIJAC Canada, along up with a group of concerned stakeholders (the dart frog group), reached out to Alberta Fish and Wildlife and enquired about the rationale behind the change.  Our request to meet with Alberta Fish and Wildlife officials was granted and the meeting took place on Monday April 13th in Edmonton.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife had two main concerns: 
1. The possible harm dart frogs could cause to Albertans 
2. Possible taxonomical changes to the dart frog Species 

The group provided them with arguments and the science to support our request that only species of the genus Phyllobates be put on the controlled list. 

Members of the dart frog group were able to alleviate the government's concerns.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife officials were satisfied with the presentation and informed us of their decision to revert to the old list of controlled Dart Frogs (genus Phyllobates). This means Albertans can continue to keep, buy, sell and breed the same species of Dart Frogs as they have been since 1997.

PIJAC Canada will be staying in contact with Alberta Fish and Wildlife and offer its expertise in matters relating to ownership of exotic pets.

We would like to sincerely thank Peter Hoeper, our Board Chairman and owner of Pisces Exotic Pets in Calgary, for leading the industry charge and organizing the discussions between the government and dart frog stakeholders.

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