Monday, April 27, 2015

Calgary Pet Industry Trade Show 2015

What a fantastic show this weekend.  The Calgary Pet Industry trade show packed a punch, enjoying a jump in visitors from across Alberta and eastern BC.   Retailers, veterinary clinics and pet service business took full advantage by wheeling and dealing with over 85exhibitors packing the business lounge and exploring the aisles. Visitors were delighted with onsite show specials and many commented it really made their trip to the show worth while.  A win for everyone.  

Kudos also go out to Andrea Jones of Jonesing for Leadership for teaching two branding workshops on Sunday.  In addition to the industry specific presentations, Andrea also helped PIJAC Canada by providing some fantastic articles free to all visitors at the show.  These articles will shortly be available on the pijaccanada member website or by contacting

Our local community partner this year, the Calgary Food Bank, was delighted with the donations our exhibitors contributed for their clients with pets.  With the help of Mike our forklift driver and Mario the food bank representative the donations were loaded into a van and will be put to good use very soon.  It is great to see how many small contributions can add up and make a big difference.  Thank you to everyone who generously gave to the Calgary portion of our “Animal welfare is everyone’s business!”tm campaign food collection.

Up next is the Western Pet Expo in Richmond BC next Sunday May 3rd and Monday May  4th
Congratulations to everyone on a job well done.

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