Monday, July 14, 2014

Petland Canada joins the Ontario SPCA No Hot Pets Campaign

As the wildly successful Ontario SPCA No Hot Pets campaign continues through July and August we are  happy to let you know about the participation of Petland Canada, one of the country’s largest pet retail chains.  While attending an Urban Animal Conference, Amy Pawson, Director of Operations for Petland Canada saw the No Hot Pets campaign presentation made by Stephanie Johns of the OSPCA and thought it would be a good fit with the company’s corporate goal of developing and supporting community and national partnerships.  “We wanted to have unified messaging for pet families. The program had a great simple message and I loved that this program was professionally developed around collaboration to have everyone be able to use it. There are so many messages and the more we can use what each other has done the better it is for the pet owner and our industry. Petland Canada is able to use all the resources, direct pet families, spread the message to create awareness and a positive movement.” says Pawson.

Candice Fulgencio, Manager of Marketing and Communications for Petland Canada has been managing the social media and outreach which extends into each of their company stores.  She also has coordinated the campaign with another partner they are working with, Team Toby and the PAWS Across Canada Tour.  Candice explains, “At Petland Canada, pet health and safety are a couple of our priority concerns – especially during the hot, summer months. We stand behind the message of the No Hot Pets campaign because it’s important for us all to educate and promote responsible pet ownership. Each year, SPCAs across Canada receive countless reports of pets being left in cars. If we can do our part by sharing this information with our store guests, they become aware of the dangers of leaving their pet in their vehicle.”  It is clear that Petland guests have taken notice, Candice goes on to say, “To date, we have received great feedback from store staff about guests wanting to learn more about the campaign, as well as support for us with regards to promoting such a positive message.” 

Celebrating the Numbers:  OSPCA, Campaign Results to date:
  • 12,600 have signed the online pledge form
  • Reached over 5.6 million impression through social media channels
  • 22 car dealerships involved across Ontario promoting the campaign
  • 14 Cadillac Fairview malls across Canada are participating in the campaign
  • 32 additional businesses considered “community supporters” are involved including PIJAC Canada

It is not too late to get involved, there is a lot of summer left.  Remember, the promotional artwork is free and available at  Whether through this campaign or one of your own, please continue to remind your clients about the dangers of pets in hot cars.

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