Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ontario Pet Retail Chain Promotes the OSPCA No Hot Pets Campaign

PJ’s Pets in Ontario has joined the OSPCA No Hot Pets Campaign this year making sure all their clients know about the dangers of leaving dogs in cars this summer.  PJ’s Pets, Oliver’s Pets and Petculture stores have all  placed No Hot Pet campaign posters both inside and outside their stores. They have also connected with their clients via email and placed a big banner front and centre at the top of their Facebook page.   “As a retailer in the pet industry it is our responsibility to promote responsible pet ownership, so it was only a natural fit for us to help promote the Not Hot Pets campaign.” says Amy Young of PJ’s Pets. “It is important for retailers to connect to the community through education.  Every year the Ontario SPCA responds to hundreds of reports of pets being left in hot cars, this is evidence that we still need to help spread the word regarding this important message. As pet lovers ourselves we want the best care for our customer’s pets.” 

 This month the OSPCA also announced a partnership with Fairview Cadillac shopping centres.  Select Fairview Cadillac malls and participating shelters across Canada are working together to engage pet families where they park and remind them of the dangers leaving their dog in a car this summer.

We are very excited to see the ongoing support between pet sectors.  The OSPCA has made all campaign material open source at  Freely sharing resources and supporting effort that focus on the wellbeing of our pets is what the PIJAC Canada, “Animal welfare is everyone’s business” campaign is all about.  Working together is what make our industry capable accomplishing amazing things in the name of healthy, happy pets and pet families.  Let us know about your efforts so we can share them as well and watch for more campaign stories throughout the summer.

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