Friday, June 13, 2014

No Hot Pets 2014

Warmer weather has arrived and PIJAC Canada would like to remind everyone to check out the No Hot Pets campaign, an award winning OSPCA program that was launched in 2012. The goal of the program is to share the important message of not leaving your pets in vehicles this summer. Regardless of what province you may be in, this is a great awareness program for retailers and service providers to leverage your business and connect with pet families to help spread the word.

The OSPCA has made all their promotional materials, posters, pledge forms, decals, and media release available on their website Businesses are encouraged to use the material to inform their clients about the danger of leaving their pets in cars during the summer. Pet businesses can do a lot to help spread the word about the No Hot Pets program and as such, are allowed to place their business logos on the OSPCA’s promotional material that they wish to share with their clients. In addition, businesses can pledge their support online and have their company name appear on the No Hot Pets homepage. 

Let’s all do our part in supporting the well-being of pets this summer!

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