Friday, May 23, 2014

Rolf C. Hagen Scholarship for Emerging Leaders in Retail and Commercial Services

The Summit for Urban Animal Strategies’ Emerging Leader’s Program offers scholarships to up and coming industry leaders engaged in the advancement of pet wellbeing in Canada.  Scholarships are named in recognition of those who have dedicated their careers to the advancement of animal care and industry evolution.  This year the Summit launched the Retail and Commercial Services scholarship which they have named for Rolf C. Hagen

In 2010 the first Emerging Leaders Scholarship were launched to provide opportunities for up and coming industry leaders to attend the National Summit for Urban Animal Strategies and experience the collaboration that takes place between pet sectors in an effort to advance the wellbeing of Canada’s pets.  This also provides a chance for other leaders to meet new colleagues engaged in work similar to their own and also highlights potential talent for organizations looking to add to their teams.

Up to two scholarships can be awarded to the winning leaders.  This includes a complete delegate package and travel assistance to attend the National Summit for Urban Animal Strategies in October.  Other Emerging Leader Scholarship categories include:
  • The Jerry Aschenbrenner Scholarship (2013) -  Animal Control/Services
  • The Frederick Lynn Webster Scholarship (2014) - Animal Health/Wellness
  • The Federic Addison McGrand Scholarship (2014) - Humane and Rescue

Scholarships winners will be announced in August and the Emerging Leaders will be recognized at the Urban Animal Foundation Dinner in October. 

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