Monday, February 3, 2014

Retail Member honored by Nova Scotia Legislature

Rodney Habib, owner of Planet Paws Pet Essential and PIJAC Canada member has been honored by the Nova Scotia Legislature for his work in the community with pet families, local farmers and for winning the 2013 Summit Retailer award this past October.  

We were very proud when Rodney took home the award last fall.  In addition to over 9000 pounds in food donations Plant Paws has raised over $110,000  for rescues, a community rebuild program, the development of an off leash park and for local schools. He has been honored by the Boys and Girls Club of Canada and received the Golden Apple award for educating children on pet health and wellbeing, but that’s not all.   Five percent of store profits are given to schools for local education program and another 5% to local animal shelters.  “He is completely devoted making life better for pets and pet families and is one of the most community minded people we have ever met.” says Louis McCann, President of PIJAC Canada.

A member since 2011, Rodney is also well known as a host of “In the Dish”, Canada’s largest pet radio podcast, and for his Pet Nutrition Blog.   
Congratulations to Rodney and his staff on being recognized for all the amazing work they do.  

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