Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Leading Canadian raw pet food manufacturer Red Dog Blue Kat to attend PIJAC’s National Pet Industry Trade Show

For Immediate Release                                                                                September 11, 2017
Leading Canadian raw pet food manufacturer Red Dog Blue Kat to attend PIJAC’s National Pet Industry Trade Show

Port Coquitlam, B.C. – Western Canada’s leader in the production of raw food for pets, Red Dog Blue Kat, is attending PIJAC’s National Pet Industry Trade Show. Showcasing their Red Dog Blue Kat raw food for dogs and cats, they will be situated in booth 737.

Earlier this year, Red Dog Blue Kat moved to a state-of-the-art, 13,000 sq. ft. production facility to meet customer demand for quality, real, nutritious food for pets (also known as raw pet food). The new facility has allowed Red Dog Blue Kat to increase production capacity and grow the company’s research and development in the areas of nutrition and convenient packaging, all with the purpose of helping families to transform the lives and longevity of their pets.

Over the past decade, the focus on pet health and wellness has substantially increased. From service animals to family pets, there is a special bond between people and their dogs and cats. Studies show that pets can profoundly improve our physical and mental health. And yet, today’s dogs and cats are aging faster, dying younger, and suffering from higher instances of ailments than ever before*, with cancer being one of the top health issues.**

CEO and owner, Inna Shekhtman, said that: “Red Dog Blue Kat wants to help pets live longer and healthier lives. We want to shift the statistics for life expectancy of our pets – to give them longer, healthier and happier lives. Dogs and cats are members of the family and when they thrive, it benefits the well-being of the entire family.” She added: “At Red Dog Blue Kat, we have spent more than a decade educating consumers and pet retailers about the benefits of feeding pets unprocessed, real food because we know that fresh food makes a difference in preventing illness and improving longevity and quality of life. As a company, we are investing heavily in pet nutrition education – a major gap in the $30 billion North American pet food market.”

Canadians spent $7 billion on pet food in 2016, and that number is expected to grow to $9.2 billion by 2019 – cites a report in The Canadian Pet Market Outlook.*** According to leading pet experts and in-depth research done by the Red Dog Blue Kat team, feeding our pets real food that meets their nutritional needs using quality, non-medicated proteins and organic juiced vegetables puts less stress on pets’ bodies (organs, immune system, nervous system, etc.). It provides your dog or cat with the resources needed to maintain health and to ward off disease.

If you are interested in setting a meeting with Red Dog Blue Kat at the National Pet Industry Trade Show, please e-mail: inna@reddogbluekat.com.

About Red Dog Deli
Red Dog Blue Kat (www.reddogbluekat.com) was founded in 2004. Red Dog Blue Kat real pet food products contain free-range, non-medicated meat and certified organic vegetables for maximum bioavailability and absorption. Red Dog Blue Kat products can be found in more than 160 quality pet retailers, including holistically-minded veterinarians’ offices in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.


For an interview with Inna Shekhtman, please call Paul Holman of AHA Creative Strategies at: 604-846-8461 or e-mail: paul@ahacreative.com.

** Animal Cancer Foundation: http://www.acfoundation.org/faqs/

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