Tuesday, July 18, 2017

BC Wildfire - Update

 We have been in close contact with our members in British Columbia monitoring the situation surrounding the wild fires and checking on areas where assistance is needed.

Here's what we know so far: 
  • Evacuation centers in Prince George and Kamloops are busy with people and their pets and, from what we've heard, are managing so far.  Should you hear differently please let us know.
  • There have been several large tractor trailers of product and supplies sent up from Vancouver to the impacted areas and to the shelters where the pets are being housed.
  • Two shelters in Cloverdale and Chilliwack opened this weekend and there may be local need in these areas, especially for volunteers to help out.  If you have people in the area or are available to volunteer give these places a call. 
  • For people looking to donate funds, have a look at CDART (Canadian Disaster Animal Response Team) or the BCSPCA and specify for the fire victims.  
  • Once again everyone has stepped up to help any way they can. Retail members across the province are collecting donations and making donations of their own. Companies such as Bosley's, Petland, Petcurean, Rolf C Hagen, and Pan Pacific are all pitching in.  Please let us know about your efforts and your experiences. 

 The situation remains in urgent response mode so notification of where assistance is needed comes in by word of mouth mostly.  Call the office 800-667-7458 x 111 or email executiveoffice@pijaccanada.com if you become aware of an area where assistance is needed.

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