Thursday, March 2, 2017

Health Alert: Seoul Virus Reaches Canada

If your business is not impacted by the Seoul virus, please pass this information along to any colleagues and clients that need to be aware.  Your assistance helps strengthen your industry network.   Thank you.

The issue: Humans contracting the Seoul virus from pet rats
Since we first published the PIJAC (US) announcement regarding an outbreak of Seoul virus in the States a month ago we have been in contact with the Public health Agency of Canada.  Yesterday they announced the virus has been detected in Canada.

Potential impact to your business
Concerned pet owners may ask you about the situation and how to deal with it. Some may even want to surrender their pet rat. You need to be prepared for these possibilities. Animal suppliers might encounter the same questions from their retail customers. More information about the Seoul virus can be obtained by clicking on the following 

What is PIJAC Canada doing?
We will continue to collaborate with the PHAC and monitor the situation, sharing future developments as they become available.   

What can you do?
Inform yourselves about the Seoul virus so you are able to provide information to your customers.

Retailers: Share this information with your animal suppliers and ask them if their animals are tested.

Product Suppliers: Share this information with your suppliers so that they may in turn share with their clients.

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