Saturday, September 26, 2015

S.P.C.A. de l'Outaouais #AWIEB

Sharing stories about the great things businesses do to support pets and pet families in their communities. #AWIEB

The Gatineau SPCA serves more than 300,000 people in over 25 municipalities of the Outaouais region (SPCAO). Through their work with in-house adoptions, external adoption partners and special event adoptions they have been able to deeply impact the welfare of animals in the Outaouais region. Beyond their local work they are also part of a 15 affiliate member group which works to accommodate animals around the province, giving them the best chance for finding homes. This is illustrated by their 92% success rate. The SPCAO believes in working with others to develop solutions facing Quebec’s pet population. They collaborate with other agencies in an effort to improve the wellbeing of pets on a larger scale. This is illustrated by their tireless efforts on the working group for the improvement of the health and safety of animals with QC Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food as well as their presence on the Boards of the Quebec Association of SPA-SPCA and the BEA Foundation (Animal Well Being). IN HOUSE ACHIEVEMENTS in 2014 Adoptions – 2537 cats and dogs Return to Owner & Foster program – 969 dogs and cats ADOPTIONS EXTERNAL PARTNERS (EAP) • Successful external adoption partner relationships with communities to place animals (mostly cats) • Currently have 5 external adoption partners and continues to receive many requests • Results: in an increase of 38% of cats adoption rate, SPECIAL ADOPTION EVENTS • Affiliations with adoption partners for special 1 or 2 day adoption events. • Currently have 6 to special event adoptions partners. TRANSFERS • Travel several hundred kilometers or organize air travel to entrust an animal to a partner who has the space to accommodate it. • Collaborate with over 15 partners affiliated with SPCAO • In 2014, 420 animals (mostly dogs) have been saved - 92% of dogs greeted at the SPCAO in 2014 were saved • Outstanding percentage for a shelter with unlimited entries

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