Thursday, September 29, 2011

Taylor Made Pets #AWIEB

Sharing stories about the great things businesses do to support pets and pet families 
in their communities. #AWIEB

Taylor Made Pets – Keewatin, ON
We are members of the Animal Welfare Committee formed by our local city council to collaborate ideas in dealing with local animal issues, including helping to rewrite the local bylaw, focusing on dealing with irresponsible pet owners and with education. We have a great working relationship with the local cat shelter and two dog fostering networks. We provide regular donations of product and have organized a number of fundraising projects for them. We provide prizes to the shelters for any fundraising projects that they may have happening and sponsor the "lost and found pets” segment on the local radio station and on Facebook. We have also been involved in a co-operative education program with local schools. Four grade 8 students, whom were labeled "high risk kids" , were permitted to come to the store for 1 hour on Fridays as a reward for attending school that week and learn about work ethics and about pets.

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