Friday, September 28, 2012

Martin Mills Inc. #AWIEB

Sharing stories about the great things businesses do to support pets and pet families 
in their communities. #AWIEB

Martin Mills Inc. - Elmira, ON
At Martin Mills Inc., our role in the animal food business goes beyond the commercial. We are active supporters of a number of Humane Societies and S.P.C.A’s, including those in Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa and Alliston. We also support many small pet rescue agencies such as Rabbit Rescue, New Moon Rabbit Rescue, Ontario Rabbit Education Organization and Piggles Guinea Pig Rescue. We supplement this activity with support for other initiatives such as Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society and the Equestrian Association for the Disabled. Martin Mills does this because we want to be known as more than a pet food company – we want to lead by example.

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