Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Home Hospice Association wins a spot at the 2015 Urban Animal Summit

The Home Hospice Association wins a spot at the 2015 Urban Animal Summit
July 31, 2015 Mississauga, ON: Home Hospice Association (HHA) announces today that its signature program, The Bello Project, has won the Central Canada Adjudication Competition for Innovation. This honour recognizes the unique program that helps keep a pet and it’s owner together when a terminal illness strikes. Tracey Robertson, Creator of the Bello Project, delivered the winning presentation at the Urban Animal Central Adjudication Event Guelph on June 11, along with HHA Co-Founders Glen Burkholder & Jeanne O’Kell, and representatives from Dogtopia of Canada.
In her presentation, Robertson focussed on the confusion and grief pet owners feel when forced to surrender a beloved friend at a time when unconditional love is most needed.  HHA’s Bello Project is unique in its approach to palliative care that includes volunteers and local professional pet services that work together to care for all aspects of a pet owner’s emotional needs when death is imminent.  This service is free for both the dying pet parent and the new pet family. 

“There has been a great deal of curiosity as to why a hospice organization would conceive of a pet related service,” states Joanne Arcari, VP of HHA’s Board of Directors.  “It makes sense”, she concludes. HHA looked to, leader in Animal Welfare, PIJAC (Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council) to help with the animal welfare aspects of The Bello Project.  CEO Louis McCann and Susan Dankert Communications Coordinator were responsible for the nomination to Urban Animal.

Dogtopia of Canada has joined HHA in the launch of the Bello Project in Mississauga.  “We’re delighted about this arrangement with Home Hospice Association,” says Anita Samadian, Regional Developer Eastern Canada for Dogtopia. “Pets are often more in tune with their owners’ physical ailments than people themselves, and the experience of their owners dying can be extremely confusing for them as well as distressing. The ability to meld our services in a mutually beneficial program tailored to the needs of the dying patient, pet and re-homing family, offers a best-case scenario in a difficult situation. At Dogtopia, we can provide daycare during the process for caregivers and the canine clients of The Bello Project. The dogs engage in socialization activities that keep their exercise level healthy and minimize their stress level.  This provides flexibility for necessary medical appointments.

As many as 84% of Canadians have no access to hospice palliative care. Currently, those with no designated caregiver for their pet must surrender them prematurely, or have them euthanized.  The Bello Project will successfully prevent this heartbreaking situation.

For More Information on Home Hospice Association and The Bello Project
Contact:  Tracey Robertson
Co-Founder Home Hospice Association
Creator The Bello Project
Bello’s Mom

For More Information on Dogtopia of Canada
Contact:  Anita Samadian
Regional Developer Dogtopia Canada
National Sustainability Partner The Bello Project
Winston’s Mom
(905) 949-8091

For More Information on PIJAC (Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council)
Contact:  Susan Dankert
Communications Coordinator
1-800-667-7452 ext 115

For More Information on Urban Animal Summit

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