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Canada's Success at Zoomark 2015

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Canutrix, Crumps' Naturals, PIJAC Canada 

In the time following Zoomark 2015, team Canada companies have been quickly following up with contacts made in Italy, solidifying distribution deals that reach around the globe. Zoomark may be smaller in stature to its behemoth counterpart Interzoo, but it is no less lucrative.  In a relaxed business atmosphere, seven member companies engaged in four solid days of commerce, introducing Europe, Asia and South America to the quality Canadian companies offer.
Crumps' Naturals hosting
an impromptu taste test. 

"We received a tonne of exposure and were able to introduce our products to a large number of distributors from many different countries.  It was a resounding success." 
Joe Crump, Crumps' Naturals

The pavilion structure was set up as an island with our business centre situated in the middle ensuring easy access for visitors and allowing us to effectively cater to the needs of our exhibitors which included translation services, supplies, meeting room availability, and refreshments.  Not having been to this particular event before I was very happy to see how consistently busy our members were.  Here, exhibitors were working in a smaller space, selling to an international market, quite different than the larger display space and Canadian clientele they see at one of our domestic shows.  It was impressive to observe their agility in adjusting sales pitches and deftly engage non English or French speaking prospects, sometimes with the help of our pavilion translator Alessio and sometime without.  Having watched these members grow over the years it is infinitely satisfying for us to see them succeeding the world stage.   

Buddy Belts using our pavilion
translation service. 

"Right off the bat this show was good for us as it offered a strong European centre to showcase our products and it opened up many new distribution opportunities for us." 
Roxanne Pettipaw, Buddy Belts/Multi-Collars

The tagline we use for the Canadian pavilion is "Quality is in our nature."  It's not just a platitude, it's truth.  When I began to inquire as to why companies were drawn to visit the Canadians, Canadian quality was the answer each time.  Trust is built into the Canadian brand and it is what was drawing the distributors to visit our exhibitors.  Being together in one location made it an easy stop for them.  Our structure was smaller than the American and UK pavilions, but everyone knew where to find us and frankly, with all that lovely red and white, we were quite easy to spot.  Exactly what's needed at a big international show.

Canadian Pavilion at Zoomark
Canadian Business Lounge

Scroll through our Facebook PIJAC Canada Trade Show page to see which countries each company connected with.

On the PIJAC Canada front we were happy to play host to our association colleagues from the UK, Brazil, Russia, Europe and the Netherlands. We also appreciated a visit from Eric Robinson who traveled to see us from the Canadian Embassy in Rome. For us Zoomark is an important meeting arena for global contemporaries to meet, sharing resources and technology as we regularly face similar legislative and industry challenges. 

We are very proud of what everyone was able to achieve at Zoomark this year and extend our congratulations to all our exhibitors on the exemplary job they did for their companies and representing Canada.  On behalf of our entire team we would also like to thank Agriculture and Agrifood Canada for their assistance in making this happen and being an integral part of the success. 

Should you be interested in details regarding pavilion activities at Interzoo 2016, please contact Roselyne at

Susan Dankert
Communications Coordinator
PIJAC Canada

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